Bloomberg Republican debate 10/11/11

I didn’t have a chance to watch this but Michelle Bachmann apparently managed to get a couple of lovely crazy remarks out -

in knocking Cain’s 9-9-9 plan she said “You turn the 9-9-9 plan upside down, and the devil’s in the details.” 100% crazy talk.

She also apparently said Obamacare is the reason businesses aren’t hiring. 100% bullshit.

Anyone actually get to watch this and have any thoughts?

She probably just thought it was clever turn of phrase, rather than something related to Satan. More dumb than crazy.

I don’t see how the comment makes any sense at all unless she’s referring to 666.

I watched. A lot of rhetoric disconnected from reality.

Romney, perhaps even more than Huntsman, was the most rational of the bunch.

Perry looked terrible. Worse than ever. Incapable of stringing together a single coherent answer.

This is supposed to be the one issue Cain is competent on, but he didn’t have much interesting to say beyond 9-9-9 (aka, tax the poor a lot more and the rich a lot less).

Gingrich was a vaguely amusing dick, as usual.

Paul rambled about how the federal reserve is responsible for all the evil in the world.

Santorum implies that the gays are responsible for the economic downturn.

Etc. Etc.

I think I might need to stop watching these things. It’s depressing.

I thought it was completely obvious that she was referring to 666.

Was the debate on the subject of economics, or some such? Your “this” lacks an antecedent.


Bloomberg news (which is probably the most read global source of news for anything related to the finance industry and hardly a librul bastion) fact check was pretty harsh on all of the candidates tonight:

full disclosure: I didn’t watch the debates but if someone has a link to the Bachmann 6-6-6 I would invest the time to check it out. Thanks in advance.

She was, but I think that was the joke. That was why she added, in regards to the plan, “The devil is in the details.” I don’t think she actually thought Herman Cain’s tax plan was Satanic, just stupid.

That link brings up an article about Wall Street for me. This one should work

And from that, Santorum wins my vote for the most batshit crazy quote:

Maybe if he modified it with “economic” in front of war, it wouldn’t be quite so nutty. But he didn’t do that.

Wow, that’s Perry-level crazy! Congratulations Rick, you’ve moved into a new league. Um. what’s the name of your hunting camp?

I’m starting to think there might be something to this Mormonism thing.

On paper Romney seems like he should be trivially easy to beat in a GOP primary, and especially a GOP primary with the far-right so dominant: between Romneycare, his religion and his rather transparent attempts to reinvent himself as a strong conservative. But all the touted “anti-Romney” candidates seem to either decline to run (Daniels, Cristie), implode (Newt), turn out to have no stomach for campaigning (Pawlenty) or get eclipsed by a new anti-Romney candidate (Bachmann).

And now after watching this debate, I think our sixth anti-Romney (Perry) is pretty clearly not going anywhere. Even by the low standards of the GOP, he just doesn’t seem to have his shit together.

Meanwhile Romney just hangs out and watches his opponents have their brief time in the sun before going down in flames.

I didn’t get that at first and was like “whuh…?”, but then the 666 thing occurred to me and I thought, “no, she wasn’t actually making that reference. She must mean something more substantive.” I guess not.

Perry didn’t make the showing he needed to if he wanted to be taken seriously. He’s in a downward spiral.

Cain can’t have been happier with how it went- his “9-9-9 plan” was the major soundbite from the night, and every time any other candidate referred to it, Charlie Rose (who seemed a little foggy at times last night) would go back to Cain for rebuttle, giving him more opportunity to repeat his plan.

I’d like to know what the heckler was yelling after Santorum’s bit about how single-parent families are the cause of the financial meltdown. Couldn’t hear him, and he clearly threw Charlie off his script. Bachman, too.

Poor poor Ron Paul. He’s out of his depth in that room.

Romney actually did a pretty good job of taking on all comers and deflecting comment and criticism like Wonder Woman and her bullet-proof bracelets. It’s his to lose.

I should have played the Pubbo drinking game with this one. It was just awful and as predictable as every other [del]sound bite fest[/del] debate I’ve ever seen. Bachmann and her 6-6-6 “quip” (? I guess that’s what it was… a joke of some kind?) was simply embarassing to listen to, and I wondered to myself how can she not feel like a jackass saying this out loud, and then I thought, “Oh wait…”

Every time Herman Cain said “Nan-Nan-Nan” to something *completely unrelated *to the tax code, I should have taken a shot. Every time Perry made reference to any variation of Obama/Romney/Commie Health Care, another shot. Every time Romney was caught with that self-satisfied, belittling smirk on his face, two shots.

I did literally laugh out loud when Cain spoke of his team and vetted economic advisors such as Rich Lowry, then when asked who else is on his team, “Um, Rich Lowry?” Yes, but who else? “That’s confidential.” No it’s not. You don’t have any fucking team. Luckily he’ll never get anywhere near the nomination, so he’ll never have to disclose who’s on his imaginary economic advisory board.

Extra Credit: Two points for Romney for telling Cain that his 9-9-9 plan is asinine.

No, that’s what counts as “clever” to them and their type. The same people who chuckle at “democRAT” and “No Bitch No Bama”.


Yay. I get to defend Bachmann (I don’t think I ever have).

I think you’re all riding her a little too hard on this '9-9-9, devil in the details thing." I am confidant it was a clever play on words – turn upside down, 6-6-6, devil, blah blah blah.

Was it the most clever turn of phrase or most hilarious joke ever put forth? Of course not, but not being Shecky Greene doesn’t make her dumb.

We already have plenty of evidence that she’s dumb. And we have mountains of evidence that she’s crazy. NOW we have evidence that she sucks as a comedian.

Who said that made her dumb? It was a weak, preplanned play on words that I’m sure she thought was evidence of her rapier wit (with an extra shout out to the Jeebus fans!). I thought it had the rapier-like cleverness of a cinder block that spent a couple days in a rock tumbler.


I said it made her dumb. It was a dumb joke.

The thing is you just know it sounded clever in her head. You could just see her mentally patting herself on the back for the enormous “ha-ha” she dropped on everyone. But she flubbed her delivery, and the joke would have sounded like nails on a chalkboard when exiting her mouth anyway since it was stupid. Good job, Michele. You’re unfunny even for a Teahadist.