Stupid bitch Michelle Bachman

Just shut up you stupid fucking bitch. Yapping on and on, complaining about Obamacare and rambling about people’s biological imperative to have children. What does that even have to do with anything? I didn’t listen to the specifics of what she was saying, but I’m pretty sure it was stupid and inane.

Let me also please pit Fox “News,” or shall I call it by its rightful name, “Fox Griping” or perhaps “Right-Wingers Forming Pundit Panels and Complaining.” There isn’t any “news” involved at all. Even if they had their facts right, the whole channel is composed of almost nothing but hosts with their own shows griping and/or hosts compiling panels made up of the same people every time griping.

Yesterday I passed by and Fox Business was on and some blond bimbo host on there was actually saying something to the effect that the country was broken. That’s not news, that’s a fucking opinion! Yes, there are big things wrong with this country, but going on TV and complaining about it being “broken” and blaming it all on liberals/progressives/gays/working women/etc. is ridiculous, incorrect, and nonproductive.

I cannot get away from this channel. It is on all the time in my own home. The two people in the household who watch are convinced that it is real news and that any other opinion is 100% wrong, no debate required. I pit them too for not thinking and for actually saying that the problems in this country are caused by people who are too educated! OMG! :smack:

Remember those guys in the back of the class who would high-five each other when they got Fs? I assume those are the people who are running the GOP and its propaganda arm FOX.

Have you made some bad life-decisions?

I like to imagine the FOX network programmers like this:

We already have a persistent thread on Ol’ Crazy Eyes, but hey, new thread.

She’s insane. Her district is filled with very conservative and very racist morons. Thankfully she will no longer be in congress in about 18 months. Very possibly means she’ll be on Fox, spreading the Crazy Stupid.

Faux News is another story altogether. It’s like Limbaugh and Beck who say repeatedly they they’re only Entertainers, not Journalists, yet their [del]suckers[/del] [del]rubes[/del] listeners seem to insist that they speak the gospel. My mother listens to FN all day long, and the shit that comes out of her mouth is sometimes infuriating. My sister came out when she was 17 and I was 15. I turned 51 yesterday, so she’s been out for nearly 36 years now. And yet every time FN starts the gay bashing, my hateful mother will start parroting it. Well, to everyone except my sister, but it gets around, and she wonders why my sister is so cold to her.

OP is striving for the redundant title of the year award.

Woops, didn’t mean to start a redundant thread with a redundant title. Please forgive my gauche-ness. I saw so much red that I couldn’t think.

She will be on Fox Griping more than ever before I guess, once her term is up. She is abdominable and so is anyone who listens to Fox or any channel and just takes what the perfectly coiffed airheads say at face value with no thought. You can’t even have any debate at all with them (not that I am good at debating, I wish I were) because they are so sure they’re right that they just dismiss whatever you’re saying as the ramblings of a lunatic.

Fox News is America’s premiere comedy network. If there’s a TV in a common area, waiting room, cafeteria, etc. it’s probably on Fox, providing laughs in an otherwise dull environment. And if there’s lots of people talking it’s still entertaining without being able to hear what they’re saying, although for different reasons.

We’ve reached that point where its time for someone to say something nice about her.

Well, she can walk really fast while wearing high heeled shoes.

She sure knows how to metabolize oxygen to sustain life!

I know that on her past form it is a reasonable induction that anything that Ms. Bachman says will be either breathtaking out of touch with reality, or pernicious, or both, but it still seems a bit unfair to just assume that something she says is dumb even when you don’t know what it is. Let’s try not to sink her evidence-free level.

You have my sympathy, though, if you really can’t escape non-stop Faux News in your own home.

She’s the most realistic bobblehead I’ve ever seen.

She’s so good to continue to stay married to and stand by her likely gay husband.

She clearly has extraordinary sexual talents considering she has successfully been impregnated multiple times by a gay man.

AAaaarrgh! Image…seared…into brain. Must…reach…DVd collection. Must…find…Teenage Vampire Lesbian Sluts… From …Outer Space….

I thank Rep. Bachmann for sharing her strong defense of God’s will, if only because it allowed Nancy Pelosi to give her (solidly sane) reaction at a press conference afterward, which was: “Who cares?”

She can work a corndog like no other…

Rumors are that her husband can too…

But on a more serious note, John Oliver did a bit guest hosting the Daily Show about Sarah Palin’s return to Fox. Wait a second, we can just ignore her. I apply the same philosophy to Bachman.

This thread reminds me of a thread I ran into back on Politicalforum. Basically, the gist of it was “Thank god for Fox News! All you liberals who want to see the end of Fox News just want to get rid of it because it is the only news network providing the right-wing point of view!”

…My immediate, and obvious response was, “Okay, so why is the only right-wing network the one with the most no-information or low-information viewers, and the most likely to lie, and the network whose viewers got the most things the most wrong in various polls?”

…I didn’t really get an answer to that.