Blue Font for Links

gosh I’m embarassed to admit this but after all these years I still don’t know how to post my links in the same blue font that everyone else uses.

I’ve gone through the FAQ’s with no success.

Would love to join the club officially.


It should be automatic–unless you have changed a browser setting to disable hyperlinks.

For example:

If one wished to link to the instructions for linking, one could

  • type out the phrase “Instructions for linking”
  • drag one’s cursor across the text to highlight it
  • click on the icon of a globe with the link of a chain below it (just below the smiley icon) on the Reply window
  • and then type (or paste if one has copied it previously) the url for the post that contains the instructions and click OK

Instructions for linking
One could also simply paste or type the url onto the Reply window:

The vBulletin software should automatically set up the link, including the color change and the underscore provided that one has NOT disabled urls by unchecking the box lebeled “Auomatically parse links in text” that appears among the Additional Options just below the reply window,

One thing to realise is that if you’re pasting a link to a web page that you’ve recently visited, it will appear in gray in your browser.

I’ll test it here.

I definitely didn’t uncheck the box about automatically parsing links.

Instructions for Linking

Thanks all the same.

I can still use the blue font color but then my links always come out one shade brighter than others.

On preview, it looks like success = attained.

Thanks again.

Click on this link, and it’ll help you figure it all out.

If you are using Firefox there is >tools>options>color. Some selections there will walk on some others. For example I get the blue links here if I have ‘allow pages to choose’ unchecked’ but I cannot get the blue colored links when ‘allow pages to choose’ is checked - which doesn’t seem right, but that is the way my Firefox is treating them.