Blues Clues : Joe vs. Steve

So, Steve is leaving Blues Clues. Joe, his brother is taking over.

We need a consensus here … which one is better.

Steve has had the show since the beginning so of course he’s got the lead.

Steve is a bit geekier though, while Joe is a bit more buff. And has whiter teeth.

In both of their favor / detriment, a friend IM’d me to say “Man, those two guys are really cute, but they’re stupid.” (I will also leave off telling you how I and said friend thought Steve’s send-off really should have been like.)

Joe seems to be a bit slow in picking up how the game works.

I’m beginning to think that Ashton Kutcher would be perfect for this role.

So, get out your handy dandy notebook. What’s the consensus? Steve or Joe? Or someone else?

Well, I haven’t seen an episode with Joe yet, but did come across Nick Jr. Magazine at the grocery store in which Steve introduces everyone to Joe. I have to say I don’t really see the resemblance (haha) but they did have a picture of the two as kids* (wearing the same clothes, of course) where they somehow looked strikingly similar, and yet still looked like their adult selves. As I understand it, Steve was pretty dim himself (a friend claims her 3 year-old used to scream at the TV “Jesus, Steve, it’s RIGHT THERE!!!”)

You’re dead on about Ashton Kucher, though.

*(Yes, I’m perfectly aware that it is obviously different children dressed to look like Steve and Joe, but the resemblance is really uncanny!)

Joe made his debut just tonight.

All my pro-Steve feelings dissolved when I saw his absolutely awful haircut. He will get his ass kicked at “college”.

Joe has a nice smile although he could hurt someone with that pointed chin of his. I will have to say, on with the new! At least Joe will wear the same shirt but in different colors. How chic!

Did you hear that the real Steve left to make rock albums? What an idiot…

Steve left because he said he didn’t want to become Crusty the Clown in front of all of America.

I think Joe is cuter. Otherwise, I can’t make a decision yet. My four-year-old son, however, after watching the transition this evening like Joe. He was despondant that we don’t have any Joe videos yet.

You talk like Steve’s geekiness is a bad thing.

What struck my family as we watched the three part changing of the guard tonight was how much bigger Joe is than Steve. Who’s the little brother?

My five year old daughter was nearly in tears that she will never see Steve again.

Steve will always have my heart…

My daughter was too young to get to know Steve. All she will ever know is Joe. I pity her loss.

For all of you that have upset toddlers at home, I hear that Steve will be back for a few guest shots at Christmas time.

My kids outgrew Blue’s Clues a while ago, but I miss Steve.

The missus thinks that they picked Joe because he has better hair (I haven’t really seen him yet, just briefly in a commercial). Her theory is that Steve is balding and they need someone who will look young longer.

Steve made a huge mistake!
He had a job where his fans (the kids) adored him without much judgement as to his acting abilities or how he looks.
Now he’s going off to what? Anything he acts in people will think of him as Steve from Blues Clues. Who really wants to see him in an action movie or a teen comedy playing Nerdlinger?
Will Kids want to see him in a steamy love scene? Or will he play another drug head? How many kids will be disapointed watching him curse his head off, or getting killed in a later movie. Hell I have to make sure my kids don’t catch the Law and Order episode in which he dies! (Of course I avoid letting them watch the show anyway as they are only 3 and 2 but you get the point)

The fear of being Krusty is ridiculous. If you look at the Kiddie show stars of the past most are remembered fondly even by adults. Think of Captain Kangaroo, Mr. Hooper, Buffalo Bob, Commander Tom (from the Buffalo station I watched as a Kid) Mr. Dressup (CBC). They spent their carreers doing that job and I think many people respected what they did in the end.

Steve did a good job and my kids loved watching him, now he’s taking off I’m sure they will feel betrayed when they one day find out he left to start his great movie carreer.

Way to go Steve!

He is a real person who isn’t happy in his job. So what if he fails to become a film star. Would you really want to watch a miserable kids show host?
I’ll miss him too, especially his Elvis impressions.

I think before we can decide, we need to see them wrestle in Jell-O.

I wonder how “Steve” every made it to college. My God, if it takes him half an hour just to figure out that his dog wants to go outside, how the hell is he going to handle college? I concur with Lil Lurker, he is going to get his ass kicked.

“Joe” looks, as my 17 yr old daughter noted, like a young Jay Leno. Her review of the show was that

  1. He pauses too long
  2. He is too tall to flop properly into the “thinking chair”.
  3. Hi Opal!
  4. Did he never watch his own brother’s show? How can he not know how to play Blue’s Clues?
  5. He runs funny.
  6. He has evil eyebrows.

But, overall, he will do.

My five-year-old hasn’t watched it recently since he’s in school everyday now, but he wanted to watch the special last night.
He liked it, and liked Joe.

It looks like they may be revamping the show a bit, since Joe sang songs that were slightly different, and has a different Handy-Dandy Notebook.
The end credits showed him wearing different shirts, too; the same pattern, but different colors.

Joe is MUCH cuter than Steve. And doesn’t seem quite as spacey.

I give you Steve’s Webpage.

ROFL! Or at least topless.

Steve Burns was also the co-producer of the show and, as such, got a cut from the sale of every piece of Blue’s Clues commercial product (videos, CDs, games, dolls, etc. etc. etc.). I’m sure Steve is thinking “Think whatever you want, you loser assholes. I’m young, rich, and will never have to work another day in my life. Think about that when you wake up at 6:30 tomorrow morning to go to your cubicle and begin another day of your pathetic lives.”

Good for him.

And I’ll miss his Elvis impersonations as well.

Thanks for the link Kepi. Now that I’ve seen the pic with Steve with facefur, I might have to revise who I think is cuter.

OMG, MAJOR loser. He looks like Bud Bundy. “Rock Godlet?” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!