Board related false memories and time wierdness.

I was just searching for a thread about something I read on here once. It was during Clinton’s run for his second term against Dole. I was getting frustrated why I couldn’t find it, I remembered some of the terms very clearly, it should be an easy search. Finally I realized that, aha, the database doesn’t go back that far, it must have been lost.

Then my brain slowly started to piece the facts together. Clinton ran for his second term in 1996. I didn’t join the board until February 2000. The board didn’t exist prior to 1999, and I never knew of while it was on the AOL board. There is simply no way I read it on here. Must have been some other board or a columnist or something. But still against all evidence I can still picture myself reading it as a post on SDMB. Stupid Brain. :mad:

I also can remember lots of arguments and debates about Clinton on the boards. Since I was only here for the last 10 lame-duck months, I know they could not have been. But my brain keeps putting them in the context of this board, and even assigning thoughts to posters who I only know from here. Bad Bad Brain, just how dementional am I about other things, that I “know”.

I was posting for about 16 months before Sept 11 2001. I have been posting for 6 years after. But that is totally opposite my mind’s “obvious” timetime of the board. It wants to think 9/11 was really pretty recently, but I have been posting here for a looooong time.

I await the days of complete brain meltdown with grim acceptance. :wink:

Time does not pass while you are on the boards. The timestamps on the posts are there just to keep everyone from freaking out.

Better take the blue pill.

Suddenly, all becomes clear. My suspicions are proved correct, but the relief is palpable. Thank you.