Bob Edwards (Ex-NPR) to XM Radio!


I always thought that the treatment the NMR management gave Edwards was shabby at best. It’s nice to see he won’t have to eat that ‘contributing correspondent’ crap for much longer!

I love XM. And they love me.

And with that news I’m one step closer to never listening to regular radio again!

Is this the former “Morning Edition” guy? I thought his retirement was voluntary. Huh. I do know that when he left he was the highest paid guy at NPR, but that doesn’t matter. Anyway … what happened? Have I been fed bum info?

Yes, Edwards was the Morning Edition guy. Linda Ellerbee believes he was unjustly let go because he was seen as a doddering old man of 56, and I for one agree with her.

And in the Wall Street Journal, Scott Simon, the host of Weekend Edition says:

WTF is going on in NPR?