Bob55 - jerk.

In this thread, newbie Bob55 shares the following pearls:

You, Bob55, are a jerk. Let me tell you where I’ve been - the US military. I worked in room 1D543 at the pentagon. Know where that is? By chance, my life and the schedule of a few terrorists did not co-incide. And guess what? SHOCK I don’t agree with you.

I signed up to put myself in harms way to defend my children and my nation. By necessity, that includes intolerable piles of excrement such as yourself.

By my actions, in part, do you have the ability to express your outrageous opinions. Yet you have the unmitigated gall to come in here and blithely assume that anyone who doesn’t agree with your position must only disagree for "political reasons (don’t want Republicans to regain the Senate, don’t like the President, protest just to protest like good little “enlightened” college-age liberals do) rather than people actually caring about the safety of our nation. "

But I’m interested - how exactly have you participated in defending our nation? By what action have you the right to come here and accuse those of differing opinion of being uninterested in the security of our nation? Are my suspicions correct and you are merely a child playing at knowing something of the real world, or are you simply a troll?