Bobby Petrino has been fired!

If you’re a fan of either college or pro football, you’ll be elated to know that scum of the earth Bobby Petrino has been fired and it’d likely that this is the end. No notes in the locker room nor women on motorcycles required this time.

And, yeah, I get that he made more money using the bathroom than I do in a year.

NBC Sports - CollegeFootballTalk: Louisville fires Bobby Petrino

Living in Louisville, but not being a fan of the team, local sports coverage is going to suck the next few weeks.

So it looks like he had no idea it was gonna happen, as evidenced by this picture

he’ll get another job , a place like Western Kentucky where he was a few years back. He probably will have to take a year off but with that big buyout he won’t mind that.

He could come back to Arkansas. I know a few folks would be happy to see him. Alas we’ve had another bad year! Whoo, pig, sooie!