Body modification questions

Have any of you heard of any of the following body modifications, and can you confirm or deny their viability?
All of them fall into the “I heard about this guy who…” or “I read this in some book two years ago…” category of reference.

  1. I’ve heard that you can undergo surgery to split the penis down the middle (a little bit to one side of the urethra, of course)…I’m not sure how far down it can be split, but supposedly if done correctly, the subject can still get and maintain an erection. When erect, the penis spreads out on either side, pressing on the walls of the vagina (or what have you) during sex, creating a world of new experiences. I seem to recall reading that this was a common practice among a particular south African tribe.

  2. I have also heard that the male urethra can be stretched and widened to the point that the subject can participate in “full frontal penetration” with another male. This sounds bogus to me, because it seems like it would be impossible unless the guy could still get an erection.

  3. Finally…I have heard that you can get your tongue forked (split into two separate ends). This I can believe. But then I hear that with practice, you can learn to move the two tips of your tongue independently of one another. How cool would it be to be able to do that, even if only for a day?

Anyway…since there’s all sorts of dick jokes to be made off this one, I expect a bevy of responses from all you sickos. Come widdit.

Oldie and Doob will no doubt be along soon to provide more links to body modification pics than you’d ever want to see.

If there is a body modifiction that has ever been done, a picture can probably be found at For info on the more, uh, extreme ones, you may need to register. If this sort of thing completely grosses you out, you probably don’t want to follow that link.