Boggle loves you. Boggle is worried about you. Boggle is an owl.

Boggle is my new friend. Boggle makes me happy, I use hate hopeful happy stuff, but Boggle says everything in a way that makes me feel better again.

I just thought I’d share this, because it really cheered me up.

That’s nice. :slight_smile: And also potentially helpful.

Boggle is right. I would feel better if I built a blanket fort right now and browsed the internet from inside that fort. Gimme a couple of minutes.

There, better.

What in the–? God, every post people write is depressing as hell. He always seems to find some good in all these situations.

I wonder what advice he’d give to a Taliban leader claiming that since he has relocated to America, he really misses the loud, violent torture he gave to many, many women, but is very excited about a plan to bomb a building, and the waiting is really getting to him. :smiley:

Boggle makes me happy and cry at the same time

Boggle’s response to the girl who was raped and couldn’t hug her dad anymore made the keyboard all dusty. What a wise owl. Sniffle.

Thanks for posting, Jragon.

Okay, after reading 7 or 8 pages of this site, I’ll change my mind. (Thought it was bogus initially.)

It is frightening how many people actually are ready to commit suicide. Many of them teens. It’s nice to see someone connect anonymously with her and help break them out of it. I liked the advice she gave to a cutter, suggesting they draw Boggle where they cut on their body.Theyve written back and made the leap to therapy.

Hopefully more depressed people log on or just read the posts. :slight_smile:

As I posted on Facebook a few months ago: That is one uplifting motherfucking owl.