Bones 11/27

Oh no…Santa’s dead! Er—a man is dead and wearing a Santa suit.

Also, Bones visits her dad in the clink for an unconventional holiday get-together.

Meh. I thought the whole episode was kind of contrived, including The Kiss. ESPECIALLY The Kiss. Although I did like the prosecutor’s explanation: “I have a Puckish side.” I also liked the Santa pile-on at the end.

So was Kris Kringle a pickpocket, or was it just the killer? I missed that part. If he wasn’t, then where did all the drawer cash come from?

From the way I understood it, the killer was the pickpocket. Kris discovered this (although after the killer paid Kris back for a loan with the money stolen from the Egyptian guard), confronted the killer in the alley (probably after catching him dumping wallets from a pick), and got conked with the brass bell and dumped in the sewer.

I think the drawer cash was just because Kris didn’t have a bank account. The boss at the temp agency said he always cashed Kris’s checks.

And I already thought “Santa Claus is coming to town” had some vaguely creepy undertones. It’s even worse when it’s being sung by a room full of angry Santas…

There’s no way there would have been a gum transfer in that kiss. Lame. As Xander would say, “Big overture. Leetle show.”

I was much more grossed out by the Santa-butt-sniffing than by the dead body.

A few negative comments…

First, the rationale for having this kiss was totally contrived. So it amused the prosecutor? Lame explanation.

And why in the world was the prosecutor so deeply impressed by the kiss? It didn’t strike me as overly long, especially since she did request five (ahem) “steamboats.” Nor was it deeply passionate, in my judgment. B&B clearly did enjoy it, but this was mostly evident after the fact.

Oh, and that cockroach that Dr. Hodgins found? It was Gromphadorhina portentosa, a common pet and feeder species. (In fact, Hodgins clearly identified the genus as Gromphadorhina.) This species isn’t native to North America, so it’s unlikely that Hodgie would ever find it in a dumpster. Heck, as a knowledgeable bug guy, his first reaction should have been “Hey! Looks like somebody’s pet escaped!”

Oh, and would it have been asking too much to place Bones in a suitably feminine Santa suit?

Feminine Santa suit? Maybe something akin to a Wonder Woman outfit only all red with a little white fur trim?

Stupid episode. They just threw that kiss in there to placate the 'shippers. I gagged from an overdose of sentimental slop.

It was obvious from the beginning Bones would never make it to Peru.

ETA: Maybe, if you make a career out of victimizing people, like Max does, you don’t deserve to have anybody love you or even care about you.

I agree that the kiss contrivance was lame, lame, lame. I mean, why on earth didn’t they just have the two of them walk in a room and have the prosecutor holler, “You’re standing under mistletoe, you two. Pucker up!”

And I agree, there was no gum exchanging opportunity in that kiss.

I also hate when they talk about how cold it is, but then have no breath coming out of their mouth. It totally unsuspends my disbelief.

Stupid episode altogether. The Santas singing at the end was the icing on the cake, the star on the tree, the ribbon on the package.

And why is the Xmas show on so early in the year? Are we going to get repeats until January now? What is the fallout of the writer’s strike.

Booth’s five year old son goes out by himself and asks someone to find his father who works for the FBI. And Booth just accepts this?

I cannot begin to tell you what could have gone wrong there, and what any real parent’s reaction would have been. If it had been my kid, Xmas and the trip would have been cancelled.

The bit with the tree at the end was nice, if corny.

I like Ryan O’Neal’s acting as Bones’s father.

I keep trying to figure if he is wearing too much make-up or had too much plastic surgery.
His face seems really stiff.
I never thought he was too great of an actor, and this turn hasn’t convinced me otherwise.

Sweeps time, that’s why. Bones and Booth had to kiss to close out the November sweeps period.

TV shows are usually in reruns in December, except maybe for a special Christmas episode. This has been going on for at least a decade, yet someone always is surprised when it happens.

Totally agree. If I were the mother OR the father, that would have been unhappy Christmas for little Timmy.

He didn’t ask just any stranger on the street. He asked a cop. Dumb thing to do, yeah, but at least he talked to the person who is supposed to be able to help him.

Hmmm… Photoshop, anyone?

My objections are usually ignored or countered by a “But Hart says we owned the 18-49 market” so I’ve given up on complaining. Except that one a couple weeks ago when a 5-1/4" floopy survived in a readable condition immersed in ichor for 20 years (my estimate was an optimistic 20 minutes before the emulsion liquified) AND Angela magically found the only Amiga in Christendom with a 5-1/4" drive in the Smithsonian, rather than Ripley’s Believe it or Not. A black one, too, apparently repackaged in a Sinclair Spectrum case with its drives in an IBM 5150 case. I couldn’t let this pass. My “suspension of disbelief” is as tolerant as anybody’s, but I’d do this for FREE! Er, plus maybe a consultant’s credit. My decades of geekitude have to be worth something.

And that episode in which the guy was liquified after a weekend in Drano? “Our technical people said it would work.” What the freakity EFF?!?!? Have they never tried to unplug a clogged drain? But I must kick my suspension of disbelief (“Self, it’s just TV!”) into ultra-low gear for some of the deeper mud.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Angela is magic and anything she touches will be reconstructed.

Just chiming in to agree that the episode was forced and lame. The kiss, and the excuse they used for it, was freakin’ retarded.

I don’t like Christmas episodes. Bah humbug.

However, I do love Cam. She brings the awesome.