Bones 5/5: The Witch in the Wardrobe

The Witch in the Wardrobe
Two bodies are found in the woods – one belonging to a modern-day witch and one that is over three hundred years old, dating back to the time of the Salem Witch Trials. As Booth and Brennan go in to investigate, Angela and Hodgins meanwhile end up in jail.

Strange – a house burns down (this is actually where the bodies mentioned are found); one of the things left somewhat intact is a metal wardrobe (metal?), which when opened, contains a 300 year old skeleton wearing a modern wedding dress, which is not even scorched or stained by the smoke.

Stranger – nude Wiccan rites in the woods! However, as Booth asks, “Why, when this happens, does it happen with people you don’t want to see naked?”

Strangest – Angela and Hodgins do end up in jail – in the same cell! They later wind up before a judge, for a whole other reason. And, as it turns out, Angela’s middle name is not “Pearly Gates”, but her pearly gates are apparently bejeweled!
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Wait - you heathen Canadians get *Bones *a day ahead of us upstanding Americans?


Yep, that we do…

“Clean living”…that’s what it’s all about…

You guys haven’t seen “Bones” yet? It was awesome!

It makes up slightly for the fact that I get “Supernatural” six days after you guys. :mad:

And it’s up if anyone wants to watch it:

Saw it tonight. Awesome.

Saw it. Fun episode. Bones wasn’t too clueless for a change.

The missus kept yelling, “No! Nooo!!!” at Hodgins and Angela, especially toward the end. I had to agree with her…TRM (who wonders what handle Billy Gibbons hung on poor Angela)

Just hoping, though, that there is no “Search for Angela’s Middle Name” as an ongoing subplot device – that would just be stupid.

I am so glad Angela and Hodgins finally got married. Those two belong together.

I thought the plot didn’t make a lot of sense. The developer who went bald because of the witch’s spell – he’s still afraid of the witch after she’s dead? Why wouldn’t he go ahead with his plans?

Are the Wiccans going to be charged for the murder? Also, they’re in a drug-induced killing frenzy but the stabbings are in a precise star-shaped pattern?

And how can they get so much information about the kind of knife used on a body that’s been burned?

Ditto on the pristine wedding dress after it went through a fire.

I do like the show, but it’s one where you have to just accept everything without thinking about it too much.

The only real puzzle that came out of the episode is Angela’s real name. They are going to run with that one for a while.

Yeah, it seemed like the body plot was really kind of ignored this time. (Although it’s nice to see Ellen Tigh again.)

We found it hilarious that all of the witches you see are hot chicks, but Booth’s reaction suggests that he’s seeing something more like the Wiccans I’ve met.

Sometimes, being dead isn’t enough to stop an evil witch. At least this dead witch didn’t have any turkeys…

Is it just me, or are Angela and Hodgins totally disfunctional? If they were real people they’d be divorced within a year because they realized that they have no handle on their impulses or feeling for each other.

They’re just plain dysfunctional, and as a couple they’ll be doubly so.

I just hope they don’t spend a lot of time getting all “ooshy and gooshy” in every episode. This’ll be no hell of a plot device.

It would have been better to have Bones and Booth involved in a plane crash on an island where the pilot dies on impact but they have a crate of rum to kill while they’re waiting to be rescued, or something.

I had trouble hearing the dialogue during that part. Was it her middle name that wasn’t real? I thought it was her first. I guess middle would make a little more sense. Surely if her first name wasn’t legally Angela, someone would have noticed it by now.

So it’s OK for him to believe in curses, but it’s weird for him to believe in a cursed plot of land?

They could probably get off from a murder charge assuming their ingestion of the stuff was really accidental. But they still obstructed justice by covering it up.

By the marks it leaves behind on the BONES. That’s the whole premise of the series. Brennan gets nicknamed Bones because she surprises Booth by showing him that a whole lot of evidence it left behind on the bones (she was first recruited because of her discovery of the cause of death of an ancient body - it was suggested to Booth that if she could solve a murder on an ancient skeleton, she might help him with his several month old skeleton). That’s why she only really examines skeletons - you’ll see in some episodes, she’ll encounter a victim who is still intact and ask why she’s been brought there since she only looks at bones.

I haven’t seen it, but you’re telling me the witch wasn’t eaten by a lion? Pffft.

Oh. I didn’t get that the land itself was supposed to be cursed.

I get that. It’s just hard to believe that they can get enough info to determine with specificity what kind of knife made the cuts. Straight edge or serrated, yeah, and width of the blade, but more than that? Didn’t they dismiss one knife because it curved at the tip?

It’s called fiction for a reason.

Of course, but fiction can also be believable.

I was nitpicking the conclusion that the first knife wasn’t the murder weapon because its tip was curved. Now maybe forensics allows for that, but to me, it seemed too convenient, and too quick – snap! and Brennan figures it out and goes on to the next suspect. I would have bought it if there had been more of a difference between the knives. It seemed contrived, as more evidence of Brennan’s brilliance.

So… you were okay with “there are weight-pressing fractures on the bones… it must be a Salem witch!” but not with the science that’s at least sort of plausible?