Bones - zack in the loony bin?

Evidently I missed something in the last season of Bones.
Zack is in a mental institution?
Jack Hodgins and Angela Montenegro are split up?

What the hell? Can someone please spoil all that for me?

Yes. Zack’s in a mental institution. But now the writers have backpedaled and Zack told Dr. Sweets in private that he wasn’t the one who did the stabbing. But he WOULD have, so that makes him just as guilty.:rolleyes:

The others, not knowing this little tidbit, still welcomed him back to the lab when he escaped from the mental institution to help them solve a murder. :rolleyes:

“Oh, goody, the pyscho murderer is back!! Zack!!”

And Jack and Angela broke up.

It’s best not to get caught up in how unrealistic some of their plot devices are. You just have to enjoy the chemistry between the characters and the thin plot lines.

Who did zack supposedly kill that someone else actually killed?
How did Sweets cause Jack and Angela to break up? (that was implied then recanted during the last episode, I believe.