Bones 9/24

A teenager finds a dismembered body in a strange purple pool; Zack helps the team from his psychiatric facility. Meanwhile, Booth and Bones bicker, and Bones hits on an intern. Whee!

Well, an improvement, though I thought the final scene was a pretty lame attempt to pave the way.

That whole subplot was poorly thought out, and this only makes it sillier.

And, the depiction of the publishing business in the episode bears absolutely no relation to reality. Among the many howlers:

[ol][li]Publishers don’t give a damn how authors look. They market the book, and the author’s appearance has nothing to do with it. No one buys the book because of how an author looks.[/li][li]Brennan’s novel manuscript was ridiculously short – maybe about half the usual length. This is a typical Hollywood error, who think book manuscripts are about the same length as as screenplay.[/li][li]Publishers drop authors all the time, but it’s always sales based.[/li][li]The cover of the “science fiction” novel was not an SF novel cover, but rather one of a mainstream novel. [/li][li]Other than some ghostwritten or committee-written book, there has never been a case where the publisher used a picture of anyone other than the author. [/li][li]It’s not the publisher who decides what to publish; it’s an editor. Yet the guy from the publishing house was always referred to as a publisher.[/li][/ol]

I did like Sweets telling Angela that he wasn’t responsible for the breakup. I liked her much less when she gave him a snotty, “Yeah” as she left. You can’t blame Sweets because you and Hodges are idiots, you know.

So, Zach should be back in the show regularly in what, two episodes?

I’m kinda getting the feeling that the writers were backed into a corner at the end of last season, made a call they weren’t entirely sure about and are now trying desperately to dig their way out of it.

I could be wrong, that’s just the feeling I get. When Zach gets back on the show I’m perfectly willing to pretend the whole Gormogon plotline never happened.

I hope they can find a way to get him involved again. It’s just not the same without him.

What about JT LeRoy?

I liked Booth sticking up for Bones, even though it was annoying her :slight_smile:

I’m confused though. What was wrong with the author that made him wear shoes more appropriate for a toddler? That doesn’t sound like a phobia…

I’ll have to re-watch. I kind of liked Angela’s reply. I didn’t see it as snotty, I saw it as sort of a, “Yeah, you’re right, but I didn’t really want face that.” Admittedly, the episode didn’t have my full attention the whole time.

They’re heading in a weird direction I hadn’t even begun to entertain. Zack said he didn’t kill anyone? Why are they backpedaling now? As strange as this season (and last season’s finale) has been, I wouldn’t put anything beyond of the realm of possibility.

I’m ridiculous with the UST, but I love the pause right before Brennan fixed Booth’s back. Also: he think she’s sexy.

Essentially the same thing I was talking about. Other than celebrity bios, the way the author looks has never sold a book.

Can someone fill me in on the Zach thing? I missed the season finale and have no idea why he’s in the loony bin (other than what was alluded to last night).

Also, I’m kinda diggin the new intern. He seems interesting.

brewha - They’ve been trying out different interns each ep, so don’t get attached.

As for Zach, (and this is last season, so I don’t think it needs spoilers) - he was the apprentice of Gormogon, the serial killer who made the wacky skeleton. He set up an explosion in the lab to createe a diversion, but almost blew off his hands. He plead guilty to murder last season, but apparently that was so he could have fun at the looney bin, where he thought he’d be safer than prison.


The best one yet this season.
Still don’t like the subtle broadening of the characters - especially Booth, but better than 95% of the rest of TV.
I can’t believe I didn’t realize they would be bringing Zach back. Would be a good idea IMO. Maybe have someone wake up from a dream …

And yet, I told you the minor spoiler I knew. Sure, it was the barest minimum of information (I learned more from his IMDB profile, which had him not doing anything else except touring and singing, than from, “What makes you think Zack is gone?”), but it was something.

NOW it’s making more sense. Recovering 60% movement in a couple months from the amount of damage visible in the finale is about right. Doesn’t make up for the NONSENSE spouted in the finale, like, “All the cartilage is destroyed,” when that would mean his phalanges would litter the floor.

Is Zack Catholic? His “being willing to do it is every bit as bad as actually doing it” philosophy is in line with what the nuns taught me. Sinning in thought, word, and deed, and all. Of course, as I’ve been in touch with my dark side a lot longer than Zack, who seems to have just discovered his and hasn’t learned he can ignore things other people–and his own mind–say.

Nice tie-in with the OCD guy’s confession, too. And I was able to connect the episode to a conversation a couple hours later about the inheritance of mental illness.

All-in-all, I was pleased with the episode, though I’d prefer that the fat, old grad student from last week would come back from his dig. Too many pretty people on that show. Not enough of my peeps.

My brother was an escaped mental patient. Every Thursday he’d slip out to go a hobby store in Hartford. Obviously, it was a minimum-security hospital.

I’m only surprised it’s taken this long for him to start. Booth is an old-fashioned, gallant (pronounced in an affected gah-LAHNT) guy and defending a woman from imagined attacks and affrontry should be as natural to him as breathing.

No, it’s merely geeky odd and something outside the experience of Booth, always the old-fashioned jock, and Brennan, who inhabits a different realm of geekiness. Sweets, who is young, odd, and geeky, probably stole a couple pairs. I know my odd and geeky daughters would, saying, “Do you know how hard it is to find cool shoes like these in adult sizes?”

Well, the previews sure made a lot of that purple pool, and then they dismissed it away with some algae. Big whoop.

With Zach’s hair, he looks like a girl. Really.

“Zach, do you promise not to kill Sweets? OK, then.”

I laughed out loud when he said (paraphrasing) that he couldn’t help being a sexy FBI agent. Well, I’m not gonna argue with him. :slight_smile:

They really played up the angst of being an intern who is compared to Zack. I don’t remember them doing that with the other three interns we’ve had this season. And oh the look of sad puppy eyes on new intern guy when Zack showed up!

While I agree with Sweets that he didn’t break up Angela and Hodge - that was their own stupidity, why isn’t he trying to get them back together? He’s been very proactive about getting all into their and others personal shit before, why not now when they are being so obviously stupid?

The thing is, the interns are not there to replace Zack on the team, just to replace him as Brennan’s pet grad student. I assume (and I know how much good my assumptions do :rolleyes:) Zack was hired as a fulltime employee of the Jeffersonian as soon as he got his doctorate two seasons ago. They could have a parade of interns like Murphy Brown’s secretaries and it shouldn’t affect Zack’s position.

jackdavinci - I think Sweets is trying to get them back together, at least in his psychologist way. He manouvered Hodges into his office to start talking and (presumably) figuring out where things went wrong, not just with Angela. And setting Angela straight about whose fault the breakup was will presumably get her thinking, too. And hopefully, having thought it through, rather than just kissing and making out, I mean up, will lead to a stronger, more adult relationship. They’ve got all season to tug us along on their journey back to each other - it and the ongoing issue with Zach are like last season’s Gormogon - a current that will go throught the season.


Maybe he’s okay with them being apart, if they’re that stupid. I know I am.