Bones 10/8

All in all, a pretty decent episode. Here are my pluses and minuses.

  • Great concept, although a bit predictable. Still, when they assumed sex by the implants and the lower half was missing, you could kind of call it.

  • The bit with Sweets at the beginning is showing a trend. I love that they pretty much play the speech equivalent of the staring game, but I can’t remember when this started or what set it off. Still, I love all of them when they are nonverbal. The expressions speak volumes, especially Booth’s.

  • Intern of the week was cute and quirky. Entertaining. I liked that he was upbeat, as that place has been hell on the mood lately.

  • Best line of the show : I would be, too. I’d be HOT.

  • The endless parade of interns. Just when I find one I like, they take them away. Sooner or later they have to address the fact that no one can get past the ghost of Zack.

  • WTF is up with Angela and Hodgins? I thought they were okay, and then he was alternating between sulking at her and quipping that she was too much woman for the intern. There needs to be some continuity here.

  • The ending. Poorly thought out and anticlimactic, and the music sucked.

I missed it and am glad you posted. I have a feeling I would have agreed with you.
I’ll make a better effort to see it next week. I, too, would welcome Zack’s return.

I thought it sucked.
Transgendered individuals aren’t that difficult to comprehend/discuss. Thought it was silly for all these supposed geniuses to be all a flutter over whether the corpse was a he or a she.
Why was it an emergency for them to get the lower portion of the body to the lab “right away”? Just a minor indication of the recent trend towards manufacturing drama/urgency in this show.
I thought the intern-of-the-week one of the most annoying yet. Will be welcome when Sweets figures out a way to bring Zach back.
And Malcolm’s dad has to be about the least emotive actor currently in the business.
I don’t know how much longer I can keep watching - really used to like this show.

Missed it too, as it was on against *Pushing Daisies *and I do not have a DVR. Will catch the rerun. Damn schedules.

Wanted to kill the intern even before Hodgins did.

From the previews I was hoping the vic would be a hermaphrodite. Brennan describing the transgendering surgery made up for my disappointment. Wrote a paper on gender identity back in the day. Not because I had any identity problems, but because it was an interesting (read “gross”) subject. ESPECIALLY the surgery. Ewwww!

(Apologies to my transgendered friends. In my defense, I bet you thought the surgery was gross, too. :eek: )

Are you referring to the actor who played JP? He plays Kyle’s “dad” (on Kyly XY) and his name is Bruce Thomas.

IMDB also has him listed as “Megan’s Dad” on Weeds, which I don’t watch. Is there a “Malcolm” here that you were referring to?

Just a nit…


You’d be surprised at how many people aren’t comfortable with the concept, much less don’t know the correct form to use when addressing a transgendered individual, geniuses or not.

You know, I remember that, but I thought that was just Bones trying to keep her intern busy and out of her hair. I do agree that it’s time to bring Zack back, though.

Was it really so great before? I love Bones, but mostly for its goofiness and UST. That’s still there for me. I squee’d during the promos for next week’s show when Max asks Booth if he’s slept with his daughter and when he says “No” in this flabbergasted voice, Max counters with “Why the hell not?”

You’re right. My kid thought Kylexy was dreamy, and I watched it a few times. His “mom” was quite the MILF, but MAN, his “dad’s” emotions ra the gamut from A to B.

I may be wrong, but as I remember it, it was Booth expressing urgency into his phone.

Yeah, I thought it was pretty special, at least for season 2-3. I’ve posted here before that they seem to be playing Booth and Bones much more broadly than before. And Seets is hoorible, and the breakup inexcusable.

Maybe it is one of those shows that IMO only has a couple of good seasons in it…

Dinsy, at our age a woman who is a MILF to the kids is in Trophy Wife territory. We could stop quoting Ringmaster Ned’s “Oops! It’s a mom,” a LONG time ago.

I noticed it, too, and thought to myself, “He’s not getting any deader, folks.”

It also bugged me at the start when Bones said that someone could take her car and she’d get a ride back with Booth. Um, you both got the call when you were together, you ran out of Sweets’ office together to go to the same body finding scene - you took two cars for that? Really?

I liked the intern this week. He was a real cutey. On the other hand, I’m liking Angela less every week (especially since someone pointed out what a borderline nutcase ballbreaker she is).

I don’t understand what made this a Federal case. Why was the FBI involved in a plain old murder? In fact, I wonder that often in this show. I thought for the FBI to be called in, the crime had to be interstate or in a Federal jurisdiction. Mind you, I don’t really know anything about it, but that’s why we have local police departments.

As for the ep, I wasn’t thrilled with the IOW (Intern of the Week), but I did like that he quit them when he realized it wasn’t a good match. I don’t get the dynamic between Hodges and Angela now. I wondered if Brennan gave up the $40. She didn’t seem to understand the concept of the neutral party. My best friend is transgendered and I don’t have problems with personal pronouns. Although I’ve only known her as a woman, so I’m sure that makes it easier.


Yeah, me too. I thought the point of Angela was to be the emotionally knowledgeable one, wise to all things People. She’s about as wise about relationships as my fifteen-year old high school best friend was.

Because it was in the Chesapeake Bay and they needed to search across state lines?

That’s my guess - that it had something to do with jurisdiction over the Bay.

A few years back my kids and I were walking along the DuPage River, and we found a dead body in the middle of the river. As I recall, there was quite a debate over who had jurisdiction, and who had to go fish him out - the local cops or the couty sherriff’s department. The river banks were the cops’, but the stream itself was the sheriff’s.

Why was the intern called “Mister”? A GQ thread just a few days ago said that surgeons, not “regular” doctors, are called Mister. Why would a surgeon be one of Bones’ interns?

I did like the conversation about if they’d like the other if they were the opposite sex. It was cute, especially Booth’s declaration that he’d be hot as a woman.

He’s not a doctor yet. He’s one of Brennan’s grad students. Zack was called Mr. Addy until he got his doctorate.

Criminal Minds had a case where the state police would not call them in to investigate the disappearance of homeless people in Kansas City, Kansas, even after they received a note from the supposed killer. Then they noticed the letter had been mailed from Kansas City, Missouri, making it an inter-state, thereby federal case.

If it weren’t for Angela, I wouldn’t watch Bones.

I agree about Angela. Has she always been a bitch for no reason? Or is this due to her post-Hogkins break up stress?

Also, I am the only one who thinks it would be totally lame if they brought Zack back? Yeah, nothing like having a guy suspectible to brain-washing and murder around. Yeah, that’s someone I want as a co-worker.