Bones 10/1

“The crank in the shaft”: an office manager dies.

Shall we mourn?

-Brennan’s self-satisfied smirk when she thought she helped Angela? Priceless.

-I liked emo intern, but I’m getting tired of the concept of constantly turning over a new one every week.

-Poor Sweets. He is the emotional whore. No one respects him. They get what they need, and they’re out.

Okay, Booth and the squints made one very significant mistake. They said that only one Asian man worked in the office that they were investigating.

That was not an accurate claim. In addition to Chip, there was also that fellow who identified himself as being from India… and Indians are Asians. I can understand how a layperson might make that mistake, but an anthropologist like Temperance Brennan would have known better.

I’d wondered about the fellow from India too, since he referred to the dead woman as Pretty Penny.

Is it me, or was Angela especially neurotic this time?

And also since we knew that he had an eye for attractive women. This was evidenced by his attempt to photograph Cam and his description of her beauty.

Just totally don’t get the whole Angela/Hodgins break up deally. After being so completely in love just to write it off after a silly spat is just too wierd. And now to be all friendly and “forget we were in church practically married” is way too far-fetched.

I think all the trial interns are just to add comic relief while the writers work on bringing Zak back. Already made him simpathetic with the admission that he did not actually commit murder. I miss him and his quirkiness.

When they mentioned only 1 Asian, the Indian guy was the only one I remembered.
The Hodges/Angela thing IS still a problem - altough when Angela started riffing on how she views life I was kinda able to just say well, she is a wacky, unconventional chick, so maybe this fits with her persona.
This one really emphasized that they are going for the laughs this season - something I complained of in the previous shows this season. I guess it is still entertaining, but it is a different show than the one I grew to love.

This episode did win the “most disgusting find of a dead body” award. For Bones that is a very difficult award. Lots of contenders.

I’d imagine that the genetic profiles of natives of India, and those of the “Orient” are different enough that it would be obvious to the squints.

Good episode, but I see them leading to a reconciliation of Angela & Hodgins.

[QUOTE=JThunder;10266530I can understand how a layperson might make that mistake, but an anthropologist like Temperance Brennan would have known better.[/QUOTE]
Of course she would, and here she was being anthropologically literal, as is her wont. Indians are Caucasoid, like Europeans. Not Mongoloid, like Chinese. And most Indians speak an Indo-European language. So both in Physical Anthropology and Linguistics, India is not “Asian.” It’s the REST of you who have it wrong! :wink:

I don’t know what that means.

India is part of Asia, and Indians are Asians. Period.

Your argument boils down to saying “Indians aren’t of Mongoloid stock, but the Chinese are!” That’s certainly true, but the term “Mongoloid” is NOT synonymous with “Asian,” as any anthropologist would know.

Nobody would deny that Indians are Caucasoid, or that they have very different genetic markers from, say, the Chinese. The point is that Brennan was being inaccurate when she said that there was only one Asian person in that office.

Doubtlessly so. Like I said, nobody’s denying that they could have plausibly singled out Chip based on his genetic profile.

Rather, the inaccuracy lies in the Squint Squad’s inaccurate use of the term “Asian.” This is uncharacteristic of them, especially for someone like Brennan who’s known to be meticulously precise when it comes to scientific matters.

Geographically, yes, though continents are an artificial construct. Anthropologically, “Asian” is scarcely even a word, and if Brennan were speaking of someones genetic profile an Indian would be tossed out of the matching set automatically. I don’t know the context because I haven’t seen the episode yet (the Pushing Daisies premier was opposite it) but I suspect that Mongoloid was NOT used in order to not offend the Down Syndrome community. As I recall, they have used Negroid and Caucasoid, but not even Negroid is as heavily loaded as Mongoloid.

I’m not going to argue with you on those points, dropzone. Everything you said in your last post is absolutely reasonable and accurate.

Except perhaps the bit about not wanting to use the word “Mongoloid”… but only because we don’t know what was going on in the writers’ mind. I suspect that they weren’t specifically avoiding this word; rather, like most people, they probably thought that Asia only referred to countries in the general vicinity of China and Japan.

A meticulous scholar would have indeed been more likely to use the term “Mongoloid.” Could this have offended some people? Doubtlessly so, but it’s nothing that the writers couldn’t have worked around. After all, Brennan routinely offends people – albeit unintentionally – with her choices of words; why not play up the same thing this time around?

That could’ve been entertaining!

My wife and I always play “spot the unlikely killer” when watching Bones. When the Indian guy snapped a picture of Cam, I pegged him as the bad guy. When they announced that it was an Asian guy, I figured I was right, and celebrated.

Then it turned out to be Harold, not Kumar. Dammit. So close.