Bones 11/5

“The Skull in the Sculpture”
Booth and Brennan investigate when the remains of a renowned artist are found in an impounded junkyard car; a woman connected to Angela becomes a suspect in the case.


  • The fact that Sweets is actually being seen as an expert and not so much a buffoon. Cam’s props were nice.
  • Brennan in a dress!
  • The return of the Angelator
  • Possible forward movement for the Hodgins/Angela plot line.
  • Sweets finally telling Angela off. Fantastic.
  • Absolutely loved the bit at the end, and the accompanying commentary by Booth and Bones. Common ground, indeed!

Not so fond of:

  • Roxie’s braless state. For God’s sake woman, hoist those up to your waist.
  • The return of Annoying intern.
  • The focus on Angela. So she dated a girl: who cares? Frankly, I’m sick of the way her character is portrayed. At this point, I think Hodgins deserves someone better.

My reaction to this episode is an epic shrug. First of all, it’s fucking ridiculous that any judge would place any injunction hindering the investigation of a human death. Work of art, my ass. If there’s a dead body in it, it’s a potential crime scene and they’d have torn it apart without batting an eyelash. This ruined the episode for me from the get-go.

Secondly, yeah, don’t really care about Angela’s ex-lover or the fact that she’s a woman. Actually, I don’t really care about Angela. I think I’m just tired of the way she talks, like she’s oh so wise and has already found all the answers to life and is just waiting for someone to ask her about them so she can spout them off snottily.

Thirdly, UGH with the annoying intern already. Yes, we get it, she’s annoying. Point taken. It’d be fine if she showed up every now and then for like two lines, but to be in nearly every fucking scene? No. This is not funny annoying, this is ACTUALLY annoying.

PS-- Roxy, wear a bra. Or at least an undershirt.

I haven’t watched in a few weeks, but I was unimpressed. I agree that it made no sense that the judge would hinder the investigation, the “surprise” killer wasn’t (the only surprise was that they didn’t consider the possibility in the first place), Angela came off as something of a slut, and her lesbian past came out of nowhere.

To be fair, Angela has always been depicted as a sexually uninhibited free spirit. As for the judge refusing to let the squints cut into the (ahem) “sculpture,” prosecutor Julian certainly made it sound as though she thought it was an inane decision, even though she was determined to enforce the law.

But yeah, that did still strain credibility.

I don’t have an issue with her being a free spirit, what I do have an issue with is that she’s supposedly so wise in the ways of people and she is so clueless as to the impact of her actions on the people closest to her. She married that guy and then promptly forgot about him, then when he shows back up in her life she tells him that she’s in love with Hodgins and determined to marry him. Then she tells Sweets that she hasn’t met the love of her life yet and was committed to every person she was ever with? WTF?

I loved that Sweets let her have it, and I think Michaela Conlin did a great job of looking uncomfortable and resentful. I think this is something they’ll come back to.

Actually, I think what she said was that she had met the love of her life many times-- Sweets was the one insisting there was a “one true love”. If I’m right, then I do see the wisdom in that position, but I still don’t like the way she comes off as such a know-it-all.

Well, she says that she was spiritually connected to each person she’s slept with but six weeks is the longest she’s gone without sex. Maybe it’s just me but I thought a spiritual connection takes longer than that.

I am starting to hate Angela and Hodgens and I really hate all the talk about sex that happens in their workplace. Of course I am uptight like that.

Quoted for truth. Their asinine breakup was when I really started to dislike her - that breakup was worthy of Molly Ringwald in a John Hughes movie; “You don’t trust me.” “No, YOU don’t trust me.” “Well, I guess our true love is over then.” “Yup.” I really enjoyed Sweets taking on her insufferable attitude this episode. I don’t care what the rest of you say, I like Sweets.

Plus, she’s good-looking enough, I guess, but does no one else notice the HUGE FREAKIN’ HORSETEETH STICKING OUT OF HER MOUTH? (Yeah, I know, petty.)

I like Sweets too.

This episode was kind of meh, but the sister from *In Plain Sight *kept me interested, at least. I do agree that she needs a bra. I did love the end, but then I like Sweets…

“That’s an unique way of firing someone…”