Bones 9/24

Ditto. I love how sweet they were, but I really lay the blame for that whole mess at Angela’s doorstep. She’s supposed to be all Wise in the Ways of People. I don’t see it.

You lead the guy a merry chase, reject him endlessly, finally accept him only after he almost dies, reject the idea of marriage and then once he retracts demand that he marry you in a week and then oops, forget that you were married to someone else and then, after he pays for a PI to track him down you decide it’s okay to bring him into your shared workspace, get jealous when your boss sleeps with him and then kiss him goodbye AND THEN choose to nitpick about the fact that your SO may have at some points harbored some doubts about you?

Christ. Then the crowner on that was here whole “I don’t see you stopping me” comment. What are you, 15? :smack:

That last was what really got me, too. She got all bent out of shape when Hodgkins punched what’s-his-name and IIRC even made some comment about how immature that was, and then when she tells him she’s decided to break up uses the fact that he was mature enough to accept her decision without pulling a macho “how dare you leave me” act as yet another reason for leaving.

She’s beyond high-maintenance - that list you posted, AtomicFlea, puts her into nutcase territory. “Oh, but she’s just quirky.” No, she’s not - she’s a flake, and not in a good way. She’s one of these women who aren’t held to a proper standard of conduct and get away with it because she’s so hot and/or men think it’s okay for women to treat them like that.

There is no way in heck that Zack would have been able to swap out the magnetic strip on the good doctor’s ID card. Those things don’t come off easily, and he certainly wouldn’t be able to do it while Sweets had his back turned (whenever that happened).