Bones 5/19

Picking up from last week…Booth had been shot by a stalker woman who had intended the bullet for Brennan.
And that’s all for now…

Amber (CTB) appears to be dying and House might be able to save her–but in the promos he was shown seizing like crazy.
Expect lots of tension and emotion re: House and Wilson as well.

What in the world does this have to do with Bones???

Booth and House will, obviously, survive. Amber, I hope (and expect; you don’t kill off characters like her willy-nilly) will be fine (though they could kill 13 and I might never notice). Apparently there is an explosion and funeral on “Bones” tonight, but TV Guide already announced that Tempe will have a new grad student next season so my money is on Zack.

Oh, and have you ever noticed that, in real life, colleagues don’t get blown up, they just get other jobs? TV is ever so much more exciting than real life! People heal faster on TV, too, so don’t plan on watching Booth go through months of rehabilitation. The reset button gets pushed and life goes on.

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Perhaps now we’ll get to resolve last week’s cliffhanger…

Did Dr. Sweet get up on stage and sing about putting the lime in the coconut?

Holy crap. I did not see that coming.

I thought this episode of Bones sucked ass.

That felt like a S1 Angel ep. Including the undeadness.


If they couldn’t flesh out the Gormegon story like they wanted to because of the strike, they should’ve tabled it till next season.

I simply did not buy that.

I’m seriously annoyed. They took away one of my favorites. Grrrr!

Absolutely agree.

However, Who’s good?

Yep. I wonder if the actor wanted to leave and they decided “what the heck, let’s just make him a killer.”

It might have been more believable if we had seen some evidence of him having PTSD* or some other mental illness that would make him go over to the other side but I’m sure they wouldn’t want to give us that much of a warning because there always has to be the twist.

*I thought they were going to have a PTSD storyline for him but it never seemed to go anywhere. Maybe it was their intention to have this outcome all along but they just didn’t get it fleshed out enough to make it believable.
Oh yeah, the opening fake death thing was also lame.

I’m not spoiling my entire response, so if you haven’t seen it yet and don’t want to be spoiled, please skip this post.

The funeral and the toying with everyone’s emotions (characters and audience) was fucking lame. Insulting, trite, soap-opera bullshit lame. You could already tell when the beginning of the episode had just entirely skipped the Big Revelation and assumed it as fact… anything that huge would get a lot more screentime than “Yep, well, time to go to the funeral.” Then they just kept dragging it out, and it was just fucking aggravating. Give the audience some damn credit.

The thing with Zack… eh, I had my money on him or Sweets. They’re the only two the show’s dynamic wouldn’t really suffer without. As for its believability, well, that’s never a prime-time show’s strong point, but it did bother me a bit that he’d have killed someone. Not that I’m particularly attached to him as a character; I just honestly can’t see him as capable of murder… he could rationalize murder, sure, but the actual committing of the act is where I have problems.

I’m sad that this is the finale, though, for only one reason-- they still haven’t fucking caught the Gravedigger!! WTF!!! :mad:

Ugh. Last week’s episode was so very good, too… and this week’s was so very bad. It was disjointed, it was rushed, it just wasn’t really that great an hour of television.

The talk about a strong personality exploiting a weaker one though… that kinda made sense.

But dang.

:smack: Sorry. Only a few hours of sleep last night, a/c not working well, long day at work.
Good excuses? :wink:

Fortunately, someone more alert than I am started the House thread correctly.

How DARE they do this to Zach!!

Couple of questions. Who stole the skeleton? What did Boothe say to Saroyan as he and Bones stood at the door to Zach’s room?

You know, the more I think of it, the less sense it makes. We’re supposed to believe that in less than 3 months this pointy-toothed dude was able to convince Zach, a man devoted to science and logic with enough brain power to put the Hoover Dam out of business, that killing and eventually eating other people was a good idea? That this same man in that same 3 months was able to win Zach’s loyalty strongly enough that Zach willingly exposed himself to the (realized) risk of damaging his hands to the point of loss or incapacity and did so without flinching? And we’re also supposed to believe that Zach is a “weak personality”? Why? Because he’s shy?

Something here stinks.