Bones 100th episode 08APR2009

What, no discussion on the multiple kisses? (once in the year before the series premier and once in the current timeline)

I think they handled the relationship reasonably well. They can probably continue thier status (attraction and friendship) even if Booth moves on.


Suckiest end to the episode ever. You don’t play “will they or won’t they” for five years and then have the leads not go through with it. Especially not with a stupid excuse like “You’d love me way more than I could love you!”

It was time for them to get together and, once again, the creators of Bone blow it.

I think it’s a plateau in the romantic end of their relationship, not the end.
They weren’t going anywhere as is, so something has to shake up before they could move forward, anyway.
People who are going to get together, GET TOGETHER. They don’t go on for years without making it without a good reason, even if inexplicable.
Something has to change, first.
Backing off is a change…Doesn’t mean they’ll get together, but there was no way it was happening as is, anyway.

imo, of course :wink:

I guess I like the novelty of “will they or won’t they?” being “no, they won’t”
And don’t forget that they couldn’t work together if they go through with it (unless they do it on the sly which seems out of character)


Good point.

I predict the show’s finale <whenever that is> will have them separating work-wise…and finally going on a date. And leaving it at that.

Well I liked it. For all the shows that play “will they or won’t they” for year after year, this one at least had to balls to give it a shot. And the brains to take it down an ambiguous path that still leaves all options on the table. Bravo, I say…TRM

PS - I also liked that they brought Zach back for the flashback, even if he was fifty pounds heavier than he was supposed to be.

I liked it, but only because I don’t think “won’t” is the final answer. Bennen finally figured out that she wanted a baby after spending time around some, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she figures out she wants Booth once he begins to pull away and/or date someone else. Or she’ll rationalize why she would be good for him.

I’ve got a question, though. Why wouldn’t they be able to work together? FBI agents can be married to each other, so why would someone consulting be off limits for dating?

Terrible episode. Retconning never works. I kept hoping against hope that the story they were telling was a ploy to mess up Sweets so that he would ditch his book. Alas.

The openness which B&B had in discussing their possible pairing, past and present, was against character.

But it at least had Zack. (And a clearly heavier, older version. Hmmm.)

I agree with your interpretation. It’s not the end… it’s a plateau. Perhaps Booth will move on, then Bones will finally feel jealousy. I dunno. But I don’t think it’s over.

And YAY for MORE ZACK! I missed that little geek. He’s cool. I always liked him. But yeah, he did look jarringly older. Suspension of disbelief. I’m willing to ignore that he looked older and such just to know he was in the episode.

It was a fun episode, and anything that didn’t work could be retconned later as ‘unreliable narrator’ (though Bones is never unreliable so it’d have to be an out and out prank). Seeing Zak was fun, as were the originally contentious pairing of him and the trace guy which forms into a friendship after they are told to start doing experiments together, Angela’s stick figure animations hinting at her later creation of the ‘fancy computer doodad’.

I thought it was pretty clear that Booth has been in love since his dream coma, but that Bones is either not in love or avoiding thinking about it. It was nice to see her break down when forced to confront the issue, and chicken out. But that’s definitely not the end of things. We’ll see Booth dating and Bones’ unexpected jealousy, and we’ll see Bones gaining insight into relationships and experience emotional growth until she’s ready for it.

Can you say “frigid”? Man, that fish is colder than sushi.

I kind of liked it. It’s actually pretty realistic that they’re hot for each other but don’t end up in bed. I see that pretty often in real life, though more often among married people.

I like the way it showed how the characters have improved and matured through working with each other.

Is there any information on why they eliminated Zach? I thought that whole story arc was completely unbelievable. The replacements they tried just don’t cut the mustard.

I do wish that they had reshown the first episode before or after, so we could get a sense of how the new story plays into that…

You missed the plot line that described why Zach was eliminated? Big time story arc in season 3. Watch the last episode of season 3. It explains it there.

I think they meant why did they decide to write off the actor.

I typed in “why was zach” into google and the first suggestion finished it with “written off bones”.

From the TV Guide interview with him; So you’re leaving the show?
Millegan: Yeah. But they said, “You know, you’re not going to get killed, so we’ll still have the option of bringing you back.” It was shocking, and I just had to follow it and know that this is what’s happening. Zack ends up carted away to a psychiatric facility, but there is the possibility that the others may come visit me. So we might see you next season then?
Millegan: Well, I’m not a series regular anymore, but it’s possible that I’ll be back from time to time. I can’t say much more than that, unfortunately. Was this all written for you because you wanted to leave the show, or are you simply following the fate of your character?
Millegan: Oh, I’m following the fate of my character. It wasn’t my choice — it was a creative decision to shake things up and make a good season finale.

That makes more sense.