Boogie Chillun or 'scuse me while I kiss this fly

While burning a custom CD for TTL’s and my wedding reception tomorrow I added a John Lee Hooker song and realized I may have been laboring under a misheard lyric for years. Mind you John Lee was never easy to understand even live but this has me vexed. I always his signature song was Boogie Chillun as “children” but I realize the CD software identifies it as Boogie Chillin which I take to mean “chilling.” So how do the boogie chillun of SDMB vote?

FWIW I’m trying to make it a very eclectic mix. Lots of good schmaltzy love songs and every genre from Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys to Steely Dan

Chillun. Children.

As in an imperative statement, “Boogie, children.”

And congratulations!

Oh great, I thought boogie in boogie chillun was an adjective not a verb. <sigh> I must not have the blues in my soul.

I had that album a while ago, and it was indeed Chillun. I always took it to mean children, also.

Yeah, it’s: Boogie, Chillun, as in children. I never heard the term “chillin” as in temperature, until years after JLH’s song was released.

“I don’t care what Mama don’t allow
I’ll boogie anyhow”