boogie night

not the movie boogie nights

there was a song sometime in the 60’s which i thought the title was boogie night…(oohaahoooh) etc
anyone remember it and the group who sung it

in accordance with the sticky i understand no lyrics are allowed but i may be able to trace them once i know the name of the singing group…

hope i can track this down…with your help


There was a disco song called “Boogie Nights,” but that was late 70s. Lyrics ran along the lines of

Hope this helps.

its the best i have had so far

i think it went…or at least the vamp

boogie night ooh aah ooh
boogie night ooh aah ooh

( feel a bit embarrassed after that )

its been a long day…:cool:

The intro to the late 70s hit (by Heat Wave or Heatwave)does indeed start out something like

After a couple of those, then it starts jamming with some real toe-tapping music.

Here is a link to the full lyrics of Boogie Nights by Heatwave.

Dance to the boogie, get down
'cause boogie nights are always the best in town

Yecccch. Jr. High nightmares.


You should see the video! Some guys can wear tight gold lamé pants and some guys cannot.

to all who helped
a big thanks
i got the info i needed now
boogie nights - heatwave…:slight_smile: