Bookmarks I cannot delete, strangle, blow up or smother.

I have three bookmarks in the Bookmarks Toolbar that I can’t get rid of:

Whig Party, Thomas A. Bailey, and Problem Loading.

There’s a little x in each bookmark’s box. Hover the cursor over it and it turns red. Click on the red x and the bookmark disappears.

But when I restart the browser all three come back. :mad: :mad: :mad:


Windiws XP, Firefox Browser.
And I’ve scoured my Bookmarks for these things and cannot find them.

Sounds more like you are describing a tab than a bookmark. Check to see if you have several sites for your homepage, separated by | characters. Firefox allows you to do that to have multiple home pages, each brought up in a separate tab.

Thanks, yabob.

Under Tools-Options I found that you’re right.

How do I correct the problem, please?

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, but does deleting everything but the one you actually want for you home page not work?

I copied my preferred home page URL, and pasted it in the appropriate Tools-Options
window, and now I have just that page as my homie.
have two Toolbars: Navigation Toolbar and below that. Bookmarks Toolbar. It’s the latter that has the problems.

If I remove either one, the problems move to the other Drivng me nuts…

In the Bookmark toolbar, point to a bookmark you want to delete, right-click, choose “Delete”. Bookmark gone!

You will not believe this,perhaps, but when I right click as you suggest, I don’t get a Delete option in the Bookmarks Toolbar.

Just for fun, what options do you get?

Try highlighting the bookmark, then hit Ctrl-d.

I turned off the browser, then just opened it and the problem seems to have been solved!

I have just the Bookmaks Toolbar, and damned if I’m gonna add the Navigation Toolbar.

KneadToKnow’ - I now have the Delete option when I right click the Bookmarks Toolbar. Maybe having just one page as my home page turned the trick, as you suggested? See my Copy and Paste post above, inspired by your on the money deduction.) Thank you!!!

What’s more my browser is fast and trouble free. During the trouble, it was slow and malfunctioning like crazy.

Ole and TY!!!