Books, video games, DVDs, CDs, even some of those VHS things! Multimedia explosion!

The wife and I needed to clear some shelf space, so it’s time to sell some goodies. There’s way too much stuff to list here, so I created a Google Spreadsheet instead.

Pricing is as follows, and includes shipping by USPS media mail. I’ll also ship by USPS priority mail for the actual shipping cost.

But that’s not all!

Order two or more items, and get 20% off your total! Yes, we’re that intent on cleaning house.

Prices (except as otherwise marked)
Movies & Anime: $5
TV: $8
Games: $10
CDs: $2
Books: $5
VHS: $2 ($1 – $0.80 after the multi-item discount – when purchased with other items)

There are a few CDs marked as $0.25 with an additional purchase. Basically I’m content to all but give these away but there’s still shipping to consider.
We’re also selling these via other avenues (coworkers mostly), so not everything listed may be available, but I’ll keep the spreadsheet as up-to-date as possible.
Thanks for looking!