Bored at work(duh) Let's start something interesting

I can’t think of anything. How about you?

This is working…I’m still bored and no one loves me, boo hoo hoo ::sobs::

IF this is still dead in 2 hours please closed it and let it die peacefully.


this was a big fat hairy stupid waste of time…good god please closed this threat forever!!!

tiggeril sneaks up behind Pizzleboy and nails him with a shot from her SuperSoaker

You wanna get interesting? Let’s go! Right here!

::screams like a school girl::

Dammit, that was freeking cold!

::Shakes can of ginger ale and sprays tigeril from head to toe::

::Pizzle open hole punch resevoir::


You wnat more buddy?!?

Closed by request of Pizzle Boy, and just about everyone else who has looked at it. :slight_smile: