Bosch is back! (May 2022)

Only 4 episodes. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I wish we could go back to seasons with 20+ episodes. Oh well.

I wish I could fit into my college jeans, too.

Thanks for the tip, loved Bosch.

(what’s this “Freevee” business? Is it on Prime?)


It used to be IMDBTV. It’s a free channel on Prime.

With commercials. But not as many as regular TV.

Just bought The Dark Hours paperback. Gonna be reading and watching some Bosch this weekend.

Fashion note: I love the bracelet he wears, so I got this band for my FitBit:

Read a review in the paper this a.m. that agreed with my assessment of the (lack of) talent shown by the actor playing Maddie. She and Honey were my least favorite characters on the previous show.

I agree with every word, but I’ll still watch.


ETA: I just realized that there are only 4 episodes released as of yet, not that there will be 4 total. In fact, the season will have 10 episodes.


I agree that Maddie is a flat, useless character. HOWEVER, at least she’s not an overly cute, sassy, look-at-me, Problem Child, Attention Hog PITA. I don’t like it when families and family problems work their way into the story, which seems to be the norm nowadays. My point is that Maddie keeps a pretty low profile, and it could be a lot worse.

Aw geez… I take back what I said about Maddie being low profile. She’s now a rookie LAPD cop, and six minutes into the first episode, she’s already a cocky screw-up PITA.

BTW the new series picks up right where the old one ended complete with flashbacks to help you remember.

Okay… this series is going to be good. :+1:t4:

The commercials are no problem. Some are only 10 seconds. And there’s a little countdown timer on the bottom of the screen.

Ten in total, just released in dribs and drabs.

Last episode (#10) airs May 27. I think I’ll wait until then to start it up.


Watched the first three eps last night and enjoyed it. I don’t even mind the Maddie story line, and I thought she was a pretty useless appendage in the earlier seasons. I have to give grudging respect to Mimi Rodgers, who I usually loathe. She’s doing a credible job. And at least she finally gave up that Scientology quackery. Not sure what to make of Bosch’s new sidekick. I have a problem with all the omniscient electronic things going on; it distracts from the story line and allows the writers to be lazy.

I agree that Honey isn’t nearly as annoying as she used to be. I guess a visit to Death’s Doorstep might cause a change in attitude.

“Boot”* Maddie and the Hard-Ass Yet Rule-Bending Partner is a tired trope. I thought sure the hard-ass was going to shoot that guy. But when Maddie told the handcuffed guy to “Stay here!” I did laugh right out loud. Hell, NO ONE “stays there” when told to–not cops, girlfriends, partners, mothers, crooks, nobody. Well, maybe the detective’s dog might.

I’m waiting for the first time Bosch’s new bearded sidekick zooms in on and “enhances” a license plate picture taken from a drone half a mile up.

I wonder how the earthquake will play out.

*I have not heard rookies referred to as “boot” in cop shows before. Is this new or have I just missed it? I assume it’s a reference to “boot camp”?

That was part of the story in one of the first Bosch books.

With him living in his office, they’re saving whatever they have to spend to film in Harry’s fabulous digs.

I’m having a bit of a hard time keeping all the plot threads straight. But that’s okay–just means I’ll have to watch it again.

I noticed a military reference that was incorrect. When Bosch was looking at the photos of the young man who died in Vietnam, he was described as “a Navy medic” and the sister said the photo was taken at “basic training in Pendleton.” Navy enlisted medical people are corpsmen, not medics, “basic training” is called “boot camp”, and it’s located in San Diego, not in Pendleton, which is for Marines.

Ha! Good for you!

What about calling rookie cops “boot”? Have you ever heard of that?

The thing about DNA transfer on the pulse oximeter was very clever. I guess now in the time of COVID, since everyone knows what an oximeter is (and probably owns one), we’ll be seeing more of that on crime shows.

Glad Crate & Barrel are still around. I like them.

I guess we all know what’s coming re Vance’s son, right?

It’s very common on the ABC show The Rookie, but I can’t remember if I heard it used before that show premiered in 2018 (or if it struck me as unusual at the time).