Bosda Di'Chi Buck Naked, Sees Amazing Purple Flash. Explain Please?

I was in the tub, soaking.

Naturally, I was naked, as taking baths works better that way.

I had added a large quantity of Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfide) to the bath, as I’m ill, & I have a great number of aches & pains.

So, I was soaking.

Feeling the water wasn’t quite hot enough, I reached out one foot (I’m a lazy bather), & turned on the hot water.

Suddenly, there was a distinctly purple flash of light from the stream of water coming from the faucet!

It appeared at the top of the flow of the water, near the faucet,.

And NO --it wasn’t my imagination!

I had added the Epsom Salts after filling the tub, & used a lot.

The plumbing in our house is a mixture of copper & aluminium piping, & the fixure is either chrome or stainless steel.

In addition, we recently had some work done on the drains, but it was all outside the house.

We have no wiring or sewer gas problems.

So my fellow Dopers–can you solve Bosda Di’Chi’s Naked Bathtub Mystery? Or do I need to call in Danny Dunn, Encyclopedia Brown, or even Unca Cecil Adams, Himself?

Epsom salts are magnesium sulfate, rather than sulfide. If you’d used the sulfide, you’d probably be dead now, and the purple flash could be discounted as the light of your soul leaving your body and traveling up the plumbing. As you’re still with us, I’ll bet the flash was a phosphene induced by the heat, your movement, and the relaxant effects of Epsom salts. I’ve never heard of it happening in a tub, but many people get purple flashes as they try to go to sleep.

And, are there any alternative theories?

The Teeming Millions are a vast pool of knowledge. Any notions?

Chemical Engineers?

Do you get migraines? Maybe it was an aura?

Perhaps it was the psychoactive drugs.

Did it recur? Were you having any other visual abberations? I’m subject to optical migraines, which can cause a whole slew of odd visual effects including split vision, flashes of light, etc. Most people don’t get headaches from these (I do), as they are occuring in lieu of the real thing.

You’ve got to stop eating curry and farting in the tub.

Phosphene research isn’t exactly at the forefront of science’s quest for knowledge these days, so decent cites on movement, heat, or stress induced phosphenes are hard to find. Here’s a bit on movement and sound induced phosphenes, but pretty much any type of stress can set off phosphene activity. Googling on ocular migraines will also turn up some tub related stories.

I just laughed so hard I scared the dog!

No to both, although I am ill. With a sinus infection. No anti-histamine use, as it doesn’t seem to help.


Go play in traffic. :stuck_out_tongue:

No to both. Sorry about your migranes. :frowning:

I’ve gotta put in another vote for phosphenes. It’s just possible that the combined pressure of your suffering sinuses and the angle of your head (if your bathtub is anything like mine) put enough pressure on one of your eyes to produce it.

The shape of the water near the faucet could have caused a prism effect from your bathroom light and flashed you the purple part of the spectrum.

The other theory I have is moot since the entity that has entered you would have surely taken complete control of you by now.


Perhaps some kind of electrical discharge?

Was it a 1920s sty…


I have three theories as to what you may have seen. It is difficult to pin down which it is, given your description, since all three events are so similar.

1 – Instantaneous Atomic Fission. Basically you could have seen an atom split causing a brief flash of light. As per your description, it must have been a smaller atom, probably a hydrogen atom, which would be plentiful right above a steaming hot bath. Instantaneous Atomic Fission, or IAF, is a very rare event. The odds of a person actually seeing it happen are astronomical, but given the billions and billions of atoms in our universe, you just got lucky.

There are many theories that attempt to explain the causes of IAF. The leading theory in this area is my second theory to what you saw.

2 – Each atom in our universe encapsulates an entire, yet separate, universe. And each of the atoms in that universe encapsulates yet another universe, and so on, etc. What you saw was the result of an epic battle between different factions in a separate universe. Apparently, one of those factions, either accidentally or purposefully, detonated the mother of all Weapons of Mass Destruction and wiped out the entire universe.

The results of this are quite saddening since not only all the life in that universe was destroyed, but the lives in all the universes that were in the atoms of that universe, and so on, etc.

Finally, an equally plausible theory might be:

3 – Alien Abduction. The purple flash that you saw was actually two purple flashes. Or, more accurately, the first half of the first flash and the second half of the second flash. You see, aliens are known for using stun rays that paralyze their subjects and wake them up again when they are done with them. Coincidentally enough, these rays are purple. They are kind of like 1920’s style death rays, except that they only stun you rather than kill you. 1920’s style stun rays, if you will. In any case, they zap you and you are paralyzed, stunned, hypnotized, what have you, then they transfer you to their ship and probe you in many unspeakable ways. When they are done, they transport you back and “unzap” you, leaving you to wonder what that purple flash was. You remember nothing unless you undergo hypnotic regression therapy.

This would explain any aches or pains that you may not of had previously. Did you experience any lost time? Probably not, since the Aliens are getting better at transporting people back through time so they don’t realize what happened.

You made an especially attractive subject to them. I mean, other than the fact that you were buck naked, but you weren’t wearing a bra. If you think men have a hard time with bras, you should see an Alien try to get one off. You know, they’ve mastered time travel, intergalactic travel, and (recently) insurance forms, but it is just downright funny to watch these guys try to get a woman’s bra off. A word to the wise: if you are really paranoid about getting anally probed by Aliens, try to figure out how to wear a bra around your ass.

Could it have been light reflected through a soap film on the water’s surface?

if you make any references to Cartman or anal probes, I won’t be answerable for the results.

:wink: :smiley:

I think it was that you were so relaxed you saw your brain ‘light up’ as it received the stimuli from your toe as it touched the tap.
One time I was having a bath ( I can heartily recommend it ), anyway this particular bathroom had no window and it led off from a hallway that was a door and a corner turn from any light source. I decided it would be cool to switch out the bathroom light and relax in complete darkness.
After some time of just lying in the dark, someone pressed the buzzer from downstairs to the hallway inter-com. I swear as that buzzer started barking an intense white flash of light went off inside my head, and I ‘saw’ it as if it came from a camera flash two feet in front of my face.