Bosda, you computer illiterate moron, stop basking in your stupidity.

In ATMB, Polerius took the time and effort to write a greasemonkey script allowing users to see custom avatars for Dopers.

A nice idea and certainly took some work.

Bosda, douche that he is, took the initiative to post

Bosda, it means nothing to you because you’re an idiot. You revel in your ignorance like a pig wallows in it’s own filth.

Given that you don’t know the difference between an IP address and ICQ, no one would expect you to know about this.

Given that every time someone tries to educate you about the gross computer illiteracy you post about, you simply ignore any meaningful responses, you may take comfort in the fact that probably no-one cares if you understand this and most likely, any attempt to explain it to you would be like trying to train a jackass to sing.

That’s not the problem though. The problem is that you’re more self-centered than a gyroscope. Why should Polerius even bother to explain it to you, given that you’re incapable of learning. From “How do I get a bank loan?” part 1 and part 2 (where you ignored all relevant advice) to “Do I have bedbugs?” (where you ignored all relevant advice) to the above “What’s Firefox’s ICQ address?” thread, to bitching about how someone who tries to help you is wrong (when he’s giving you a exceptional and relevant tool to help you diagnose your computer, you’re an idiot and an self-absorbed ineducable one.

Why don’t you simply stay out of threads you don’t understand. Granted, that won’t leave you many to read but that’s the price of arrogant, obnoxious stupidity.

Now go try to housebreak yourself until you’re fit to deal with normal people you asshole.

I don’t think he cares for the term “greasemonkey”. I don’t know too many monkies who could take apart a fuel injector. I did see one do sign language once

high fives

This has my vote for best Pit line of the year.


“Greasemonkey script to add your own SDMB avatars” is an interesting thread title that many people would open because they would like to see avatars. They open the thread and see something incomprehensible.

It’s like Fenris opening a thread titled “Escaped convicts armed and dangerous in Fenris’ neighborhood” and seeing that it is written entirely in Japanese or Arabic. When **Fenris ** posts “What’s this all about? I can’t read this language” and the OP says:

Replace Bosda with Fenris.

Then the obvious thing to do is post a line about how it means nothing to you.

Bosda may or may not be an ignorant ass in threads elsewhere…I don’t know…he hasnt pinged my jerkdar yet.

But I gotta also say the thread he posted in also made me go WTF? am I supposed to do with that?

Where’s my DOS 5.0 disks? And get off my lawn!

Sure, but most people won’t then decide to be a douche about it, and if they do, then others (like Fenris) would feel justified in pitting them.

The reasonable response from someone in that position would have been to post something like “Whoa, I don’t understand that at all - can you give me a clue what this is?”

This is not what Bosda did, and thus why he’s being (justifiably) pitted.

I do know what a Greasemonkey script is, but I don’t know what to do with the stuff Poleris posted.

That said, Bosda was totally being a douche by posting…

… instead of asking for help like a normal person.

The difference is that if I thought it was important/interesting enough to follow up on, I’d simply say “I don’t understand what you’re saying. Could you this to me in English rather than Aarabic/Japanese, please?”, not “All of this means nothing to me” followed up by a multi-point critique of the OP rather than a simple polite request. Note that Skald approached the OP civilly and got an informative response. A poster has no obligation to make his post comprehensible to the Lowest Common Bosdenominator.

(And even if he did, it’s pretty much a given that it wouldn’t do any good since Bosda never actually follows the advice he’s given*)
*This is hyperbole. I’m sure that someone can find some thread where he followed someone’s advice to a good result without getting snotty about it. If so, I don’t care. The hyperbole stands.

No, it’s like opening a thread titled “Japanese article about escaped convicts armed and dangerous in Fenris’ neighborhood” and seeing that the article is written entirely in Japanese, then posting “This is in Japanese.”

No, because that would be useful information. Erm, assuming you didn’t read the first line of the title.

True. The equivalent would be posting “I can’t read this.”

Well, reading the OP of that bank loan thread makes me a little :dubious: on Bosda in general. You seem to be picking on one of the special kids, Fenris.

Eh, I do love me some Fenris, (in a manly, non-homoerotic way, not that there’s anything wrong with that), and I do sometimes get frustrated (and sometimes amused) with the Bosda show…

But Polerius’s OP was completely incomprehensible to this IT professional. Common courtesy seems to dictate a better explanation of what he was talking about in his OP.

Besides, shouldn’t the title of this thread been: Bosda, you ignorant slut?

Jesus Christ. You’re not kidding.

I agree it wasn’t a masterpiece of technical writing. However the effort Polerius obviously spent writing the script would dictate that someone interested in this script should a polite request for clarification and/or more info, rather than an obnoxious self-centered comment followed by a list of flaws with the OP (that were also centered around Bosda)

[size]Yes. That would have been a much better title.[/size] :wink:

Try this one (There were no stone cities in the New World before Columbus and Native Americans were just savages anyway)


This one (about veterans of the Iraq war "Because I know, beyond any possible doubt, that the mercenaries doing these things shall one day return to the United States, & be unable to put aside the violence in their souls? That they shall likely turn to crime, as other soldiers who could not adapt have done, after other wars, & unleash the same violence on our streets that they have comitted in Iraq? ")

I don’t think he’s mentally handicapped. I know that he’s obnoxious, willfully ignorant and determined to remain so.

I think it’s pretty much agreed that combat veterans are more likely to commit crimes- perhaps understandably.

I can’t understand how people can believe that Indians were all nomadic hunter-gatherers, when every kindergardener learns that the Indians saved the Pilgrims from starvation by teaching them how to grow corn. How the fuck did they teach the Pilgrims to grow corn if they were hunter-gatherers?

By growing their own corn, the native americans eliminated the need to hunt for it, also made gathering the corn much easier.