Oh Shit!!!! Is Bosda ok?

I have been trying to email Bosda all day and I haven’t gotten a reply back yet. I’m starting to get worried about him. Usually he is such an attention whore that he replies back very quickly. I really hope he is ok, and I would appreciate it if someone could let me know why he isn’t replying.

I’ve heard that the Mods and Admins email him on a pretty regular basis. I hope that is he is ok that they don’t get the wrong idea and feel he is just ignoring them.

There’s nothing on CNN… yet.

Since he isn’t here, could we make this thread about me? Oh, nevermind. I guess I’ve had my quota.

Google News reveals nothing!!


Holy shit, I can’t stand it!!

I have a hard time getting really worked up and irritated at Bosda. He has an air of silly naivete that reminds me of a puppy.

Now, it may not be a nice puppy. It’s more like the kind of puppy you buy from the family of five that sells a litter of “REGESTERID PUREBREED LABS” in front of the Wal*Mart on Sunday afternoon. You know the ones–they have that old Dodge with the pool of oil under it and own twenty-three teeth between them. Sure, it comes with scabies and it’s been trained to drink out of cut-in-half Coors cans filled with rain water, and it’s a monorchid, unsound, and you’ll never get it quite houstrained–but hey, on the bright side, you’ll be able to tell which threads it’s been in by the TRAIL OF YELLOW it leaves all over the place. It’ll never learn to “sit” or “stay” or “stop shitting in the living room you GOD DAMN FUCKING DOG,” but there’s that certain charm there that you just can’t explain, ya know?

Seriously. I thought that was funny.

Newbie probably forgot his password.

Ya know, I just contacted the Celebrity Psychic Hotline, and they’ve got nothing either - IT’S A CALAMITY, I TELL YOU!

Fuckin’ hilarious! :smiley:

I had a sense that something bad was going to happen somewhere to someone.

He’s dead. 100% certainty.


Well, I don’t know about Bosda, but I have a tummy ache.

So did I. But I’m off my meds.

Where the ***FUCK

is Bosda?

Man, and I almost called in sick today with bad allergies. Imagine, if I hadn’t have been here to post from work, well, I just don’t even want to think about the consequences.

I just checked under the cushions of my sofa, and behind the fridge. No Bosda.

Bosda can no longer check email from work.

This is THE FUNNIEST post I have ever read!

Has anyone put out an Amber Alert yet?

Ooh–cool fonts…who are we waiting for? Bosda?
Hey, outta sight, outta (my) mind.

He’s probably been abducted by aliens. My tinfoil Acme Intelligence Kit tells me that he has been Called.

jchrist, the link in the OP had tears streaming down my face. Thanks, Greathouse.

The ignorant fuck could have at least left us with a pager number. I just know that today is going to be the day I have to get a hold of him pronto!