In case somebody wants to get ahold of me.

My e-mail addy is still valid, but new computer security prevents me from accessing Hotmail from work.

I must wait until I get home to read any Admin/Moderator messages.


Oh DAMN! Thanks for that. That was hilarious!


I’m going to work out pretty soon. Anyone wishing to get ahold of me will have to wait 30 minutes. Or a little more, since I’ll probably eat afterwards. And I’ll have to change clothes. But I’ll check my messages within the hour, definitely.


Please, oh please, please please won’t somebody move this to the Pit?

You can still post from work, right? Oh please God, I hope so.

:Starting to panic:


How many emails from Admins/Mods do you usually get? And besides, they’re always screaming about how we should be patient when we send them emails. I’m sure they could have waited until the end of the day to get your response. Unless they sit around, biting thier finger nails, waiting with a worried mind until you reply to them.

Ok, enough kidding around. I just thought it was funny because it sounded like attention whoring. I may be wrong, but that is the impression it gave.

I need to use the facilities for a few minutes, so don’t call 911 when I don’t respond to your e-mails within 30 seconds. Cheers. :wink:

I am at work and have nothing else to do today except surf the dope. If anyone tries to reach me and can’t, Call 9-1-1 immediately. That is until 2:00PM (Central Time) when I leave for home. I only read the dope at work so the lack of communication after I leave work should be expected and is no cause for alarm.

I gotta’ run to the john. If you have to call me, maybe you can wait about ten minutes or so.

Goddamit, where the hell is elmwood? I’ve been calling and calling and - oh. Never mind.

A lot. When I was modding, everying time I logged on to the boards, I sent Bosda an e-mail notification. Pretty standard procedure; I think all the mods were instructed by Ed Zotti to do likewise. That’s the real reason manhattan resigned his GQ position; he got tired of reporting Bosda five times a day.

Your employers need to be told that when the world has need of Bosda then it has need of him: it will not be put on hold. Must Presidents, Prime Ministers, Heads of State be kept waiting until Bosda arrives home?

This is insufferable. It will not stand!

I’m going to take a dump and should be in there for a while (I’m constipated). But I’ll be taking my Blackberry in with me, so there should be no loss of contact.

I’m gonna go to the store, then I’m gonna cook something for dinner, then I’m gonna get drunk. So if you try and get ahold of me, good freakin luck.

Don’t worry, Bosda. I’ll alert the rest of the staff.

your humble TubaDiva

Hey Tuba! Simulpost!

No time for that. First, we gotta find out why Bosda’s not responding to my e-mails. Hurry!

Didn’t you read the OP, silly. He can’t check Hotmail at work. Silly Moderator, tricks are for kids.

I looked outside this morning and saw a sqaudron of F-16’s flying the “missing man” formation, and said to myself “Holy dogshit, I hope nothing happened with Bosda.” Then I tried to mail him and…nothing.

Glad to know it was a false alarm.