Bose and Apple. A match made in...

Well, it ain’t heaven.

Here’s the weirdness I need help with, so Bose and Apple afficionados pay attention:

I have a Bose SoundDock Portable. Had it for a couple of years. You plug your ipod or iphone in the dock, you plays your music. It’s handy for the beach, the pool, etc.

It’s worked fine for at least 2-3 years. Last week it stopped working fine. It will play music if you start it by pushing buttons on the ipod, but not with the remote. The remote will control the volume, but nothing else. No skipping to the next song, no stopping or starting anything. When plugged in to the wall, the off button fades it down, but the music returns. When on battery, the remote will turn it off, but not back on.

I have seen similar problems posted, but with no satisfactory answer.

Bose says:
New battery for the remote. Done. No help.
Reset the unit. Done. No help.
Update ipod software. No need, it’s current. No help.
Reset Ipod. Done. No help.

Send it in for repair. Beaucoup bucks. No thanks.

Since the kids at our local Bose outlet are always helpful, I took it there. Swapped it out for a new unit, no questions asked. Didn’t test at the store, because, well, it’s new.

Get home - same damn thing. Remote controls volume, nothing else.

Check compatibility chart to make sure I’m not crazy, but we’re good.
3rd Gen Nano? It’s always worked, now - not so much.
Iphone 3GS (A1303B) It’s always worked, now - no.
Iphone (A1203) Worked then, works now.

1303 now reads “this accessory not compatible” upon docking.

So now I suspect a setting in the ipod or iphone, but there isn’t anything relevant to playback or accessories or anything.

So. Who has the solution to keep my fat ass planted in my chair or the pool instead of jumping up to skip “Billy, don’t be a hero”.

Solution: stop buying overpriced, overmarketed, underperforming crud.

Or at the very least change your playlist.

You forgot your smiley.

Yeah. Just gotta love the editorial non-help you get in “General Questions.” Apparently, the only question is “Anyone here feel like abusing me for my choice in <consumer products|automobile|music|whatever>”?

So, hopefully ending the hijack… Do you know if the remote control interfaces is the wired interface in the Apple connector, or something wireless like Bluetooth? If it’s a wired interface, a variety of contact-related issues might be involved, like wear or dirt. If it’s Bluetooth, that’s an entirely different can of worms.

Or at least clean up the mess with your Dyson vacuum. You can tie it up for trash pickup with the Monster cables.