Boss Dope 2001

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times …

Er, that’s something else, sorry. No one took notes, but here are my recollections of the event:

As DopeFests go, it was better than LA. I arrived first, and discovered that there was an indeed a table set up for the Adams fam^H^H^H party. Spiritus arrived shortly afterwards, and we adjourned to the lounge where he bought me my first beer (of the evening). I was drinking Sam’s, of course, and he had Ipswich.

ENugent, NielsenE, and waterj2 arrived shortly thereaterwards, followed by erislover and RobotArm. General and specific hilarity ensued. We stumbled over introductions as we moved to the dining room, and then promptly tried to figure out what sort of food Hilltop Steak House might serve.

Conversation was diverse, including MIT and the hacks, enginering, movies, comparisons, etc. The food was tasty, despite the FDA warnings. CalMeacham arrived as we were finishing, and passed around a copy of his book and a review in The Saugus Observer. He shook his bonbon, to much delight. Well, everyone else’s, anyway – I was on the wrong end … of the table!

Hilltop finally kicked us (well, we left peacably) around 10:30, and we adjourned … the MIT geeks (ENugent, NielsenE, RobotArm, and CalMeacham to their homes, and waterj2, erislover, Spiritus, and myself to Cambridge to find a bar.

I’d continue, but I have to go. More later, I promise; but, until then … “They INITIATED that!”