Boston Dopers: I need help

I’m sure you mean Monday, 23 July, 2001 @ 7:30ish.
I might be able to make it. Depends on where it’s to be.

Oh you’re sure are you? How smug. How superior. How cocky.

How right. Damn.

23 July it is. I throw myself on the mercy of the court. I plead sleep deprivation! I plead new fatherhood!

The gorgon made me do it!!

I’m sure we can find a place that you can make, CalMeacham. Care to suggest one?

If you hop an Accela to NYC I’m sure you will find more then enough

As of now, July the 23rd sounds good. But the Monday night closing manager is 8 1/2 weeks pregnant, and her due date is the 25th. If she pops early, I’m stuck closing. Maybe she’ll have a late delivery…

If my new place were set up and sho-offable, I’d make it a dopefest at Pammi’s…but alas, too many boxes…everywhere. Grr…


I gave up trying to give directions around downtown ages ago, and have thus concluded that one needs to be a born-and-bred Bostonian to understand the street arrangement!


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Even THEY don’t always get it. Damn rotaries, 93 south turns into 95 north kind of crap. You can be on one road, obviously heading in ONE direction and the signs say you’re going North, South, and West all at the same time. These people have never heard of a city block.

The other night on the news there was some guy doing a report from the corner of Boylston and Boylston. That’s right…two streets with the same name intersect. I’m not making this up.


I will probably make it depending on where it is. I live in Brighton so anywhere in that area or downtown would be good with me.

Since I assume the spat in the pit isn’t really anything personal, I’d love to join you, actually. On one condition. We_do_not_discuss_philosophy! :stuck_out_tongue:

If we meet somewhere, it should be a relatively painless area right off a highway. There is that arcade/pool hall place by the home depot, somewhere off 28 and 93…anyone know real directions to get there? Unless we’re looking for a regular old bar, in which case there’s some brewery by Fenway which is right off Storrow…easy enough to get to (and they serve blueberry beer). Those are my votes, and I could drive one person there (only got a two-seater).

But count me in anytime, anywhere, for beer.


You don’t want to go to that place. It’s a crowded noisy barn with no place to sit down and have a quiet conversation.

I have proposed going to the Hillside Steak House in the past, and suggest it again – great big place with GREAT steaks and large portions, and you can actually sit down and talk at a big table. The only problem is that you can’t get there by public transporation. It also tends to get crowded at dinner, but I suspect 7:30 on a Monday wouldn’t be bad.

It’s on Route 1 in Saugus, not far from the Giant Orange Tyrannosaurus and the rest of the Tackiest Road in New England. And not far from the CalMeacham/Pepper Mill house.

Well, I won’t be able to attend, but if you DO go to that steakhouse, Cal, be aware that it’s the Hilltop. I’d hate to see anyone miss out because of that.

Easiest way to find it: the huge fake cactus sign. It’s about 50 feet high, and tough to miss. It’s on the southbound side.


You know, it just dawned on me how difficult it must be for out-of-towners to get around here, not to mention why they must think we have the most confused city planners on the face of the earth! I take the 93 South/95 North and other similar road discrepancies for granted, as I’ve lived here all my life, and consequently I’m used to Boston’s road quirkiness. What floors me is visiting, say, my cousins down in FL where everything is in a grid pattern…sure, it’s easier to follow directions in such a pattern, but there’s something sterile about it…

And yes, there are city blocks in Boston, believe it or not. It’s very easy to find your way around the Back Bay, as the streets are laid out alphabetically and are bisected by Boylston, Comm Ave., and Beacon St. That’s because it was planned that way – the Back Bay didn’t exist before the mid 1800s. :slight_smile:

Mmmm, steak.

I thought the idea was to be in Boston itself; if not, we could meet anywhere. I don’t care.

Spiritus’s call.

*Originally posted by Spiritus Mundi *

Milford?!?!?!? You’ll be closer to RI than Boston!

Plus it’s in the middle of nowhere…


I recommend Fire and Ice on St. James Ave, as it’s right off of the Arlington T stop and it’s supposed to be great. I don’t know the layout of the place, but I imagine it shouldn’t be too bad on a Monday.

[sub]and it’s right across the street from me[/sub]

In Cambridge I am absolutely floored at the distinct LACK of street signs. you almost have to know in advance how to get around in order to get around.

fucking maps didn’t even help me much. I simply started driving, and hoped I could maneuver my way home. The only sense of direction I have now is in relation to Memorial and Mass Ave. North? south? What’s that got to do with streets? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not personal for me. You decided we needed the, um, freedom of the PIT, so I figured that I should egt in the spirit of things. (Which doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes find our exchanges extremely annoying. It just isn’t personal.)

I make no promises. Especially with beer (or a good whiskey) involved.

As for location, I am trusting you locals to find teh right spot. I know nothing of the area. As I say, I’ll be staying in Milford but will have the traditional mid-size corporate rental car. I will express my preference that has large tables and an atmosphere conducive to conversation. The steak place sounds promising. So does the bar near Fenway (if only from nostalgic memories of games with grandpa.)

Hmmm – how far out in teh boonies are we talking? Should I be trying to line up a couch for the night?

From Milford, Interstate 90, into Boston will be about one hour of travel, including traffic, and < $1.50 in tolls.

Including traffic, it may be a little more to the steak house. (approx 50 miles from Milford)

I recommend using Mapquest and getting directions from your specific location. I travel quite a bit and have yet to go wrong with them. The address to the “Hilltop Steak House” is 855 Broadway in Saugus MA. The directions seem easy enough from the random hotel I picked in Milford.

It’s got my vote. Of course, that I work about two towns over does tip it in my favor, but hey, I didn’t suggest it!

As I hit submit
A thought… oh, forget the haiku.

We will defniitely be putting spiritus at the whim of 95/93/Rt1 North traffic. Not pretty, I don’t think, but I have never drove it so I really can’t say. From the other side of the highway it certainly looks shitty. Any more suggestions?

So, do we have a winner? The hilltop restaurant next to the Big Fake Cactus Sign and not far from the Giant Orange Tyrannosaurus @ 7:30ish on Monday, July 23? Any objections?

I can deal with the hour drive easily enough on the way in, but it might be pushing it after hours, after beer, on unfamiliar roads.

So how about it, beandopers, anybody got a spare couch for a drunken Mundi night?

As noted, I have no objections.