Boston Dopers: I need help

I have become desperate, desolate, even disconsolate. However hard I try I simply cannot get a Doper to drink a beer with me.

I tried to make it to a Chicago Dopefest. Work disagreed.
I tried to make a Tampa Dopefest. Work disagreed.
I tried to make a Largo Ren-Dope-Fest. Work disagreed.
I tried to meet Chief Scott when he came to Florida. Family matters took precedence.
I got work to send me all the way to Ireland. (Surely I could tempt an Irish Doper into lifting a pint, right? Wrong. sniff How sad is that?)

So, Boston Dopers, you might be my last chance. I’ll be in your city July 23 - 27. No weekend dates, I’m afraid, but there you have it. Anybody up for a little mid-week debauchery? First rounds on me.

WEll I’m too young to drink (sadly, I’m only 19…), but I’d be glad to meet up with you for a ginger ale or something, lol. I’m usually off on Mondays and Wednesdays, but my schedule changes around a lot. I’m sure we could work something out though.

Gladly, except I won’t be in town those days.

A feeble ploy to lower my guard. I know you’re one of my secret enemies! You’re all my secret enemies, aren’t you?

Oh, except pammipoo, of course, who is far to pooliciouis to engage in such treachery. I would gladly buy you a gingerale. ALcohol is by no means required for debauchery – it is just a traditional accompaniment.

Sure, just don’t ask me to show you how to find things around here.


Damnit. I’ll be in Boston the weekend prior, and I’d happily let you buy me a beer, but noooooooo, you have to be SPECIAL …

Enjoy yourself, anyway. :slight_smile:

Well, once we stumble in to a good pub, where else would we need to find?

(I will actually be in Milford, wherever that is. I will have a rental car, a cheap map, and a secret terror of BOston drivers. Will that be enough?)

WHat, you can’t extend your stay for a couple of days to drink free beer? No wonder you’re such an angry man.

I’ll be there, if we can figure out where ‘there’ is.

Hey, hey – that’s three. Okay, let’s talk details. Day/time first?

I should be free Sun-thurs after 6PM. Any preferences from you beantowners?

Like I said before, Mondays and Wednesdays are usually good for me. Mondays I’m 99% of the time off, and Wednesdays I’m usually off. So maybe Monday would be best for me?

Did someone say free beer? I should be in town then. Can’t guarantee as of yet that I’ll be free at the moment, but I most likely will be.

It’s a conspiracy!

Here I am, plotting to move back to RI, and you all have to go and try to schedule something before I’m back out there. I won’t be leaving CA till July 31st at the earliest, then have to do that whole drive cross country thingy… so I won’t be back till like the end of the first week of August at the soonest.

Have one for me. I’ll be back soon!

I’m starting to think that while Spiritus’s visit may not be the best time for a big ol’ get-together, we could probably get a real Boston event going for some time in August. You know, with a whole bunch of people and stuff.

Tryin’ ta squeeze me outta the action, eh?
Tryin’ ta muscle in on my territory? (Okay - -it’s really your territory. But what kind of accusation is "muscling in on your own territory?)

Better watch out, waterj2, or you’ll be swimmin’ wit da fishes, see? Hmmmm. Is that really a threat to someone named water? How about if I give you concrete galoshes instead? They’re very stylish and come in a spike heel or traditional round clump.

Popping this up for the weekday Dopers. We have a nomination for Monday. Any seconds?

Monday’s fine with me. I work out in the wilderness, so I won’t be able to make it 'til about 7:00 or 7:30.

Hey, I’m not muscling in on anyone’s territory, not even my own. I was just thinking it might be nice to have a more formal get together on a weekend when Rasa and Elvis, and other lovely people are in town. In addition to seeing you when you stop by. And I figured any additional posts would help keep this up on the first page, where it could be seen by all the other Bostonians here.

Anyways, Monday the 23rd? Count me in. Don’t know where yet, but we’ll get to that.

Okay, waterj2. The hit’s off. You’re all right in my book.

But I’ll be watching you. :wink:

oooooo! but while I have the attention of all boston dopers:

Are there Boston Red Sox t-shirts for dogs?

My dog gets sunburned pretty easy and would like one. as he is a Boston terrier. he cheers for the home team.

his second choice is the Celtics. at our petsmarts here, all we have are cowboys and stars.



Monday, 23 June, 2001 @ 7:30ish.

Going once.

Going twice.