Anyone up for a Boston Dopefest?

C’mon, we’ll have a wicked pisser time. I keep reading about all these Dopefests going on, and keep hoping in vain that there will be one here in the Hub of the Universe. Having gotten sick of waiting for others to broac the idea, I figured I might as well do it myself. So who’s up for it?

Being the East Coast Doper traveler that I am…I could be convinced to drive up there. When?

Before August 21st, since I have to go back to college then. Although I might also be able to stop by home after school starts. At the moment I’m still at the seeing if there’s any interest stage. You have any timeframe you want me to work in?

Well…it’s gonna depend on when I get a job. I’d have to take a day off to drive up. Plus, I may be busy the 12th…Aside from that, I’m okay. I think. Let’s get some more people and see when’s good…

Well,since I’m a frickin native of that gahd damned place, I’d love ta be theyah. But I’m afraid I live in the frickin’ mid west now. Jeeezus.
I am tryin ta get a new job in Wahtatown, so if I do, count me in.


Ironically, I never had the accent. My whole family did, but not me. Guess I’m a slow learner.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I broached this a couple of weeks ago, but there wasn’t much interest.

I’m interested, of course. Come on all you Boston-area fans. There have GOT to be more of us than there are fans in the MidWest!

I’m like 4 hours from Beantown. I could be persuaded to make it down, schedual pending.

Oh, hell yeah! I’m all over that. Boston is just a 90-minute drive for me and I’m up there all the time. I’m sure that Nen will also be interested, so that makes two of us. I don’t have any business travel booked in the very near future, so my schedule is pretty flexible. I’ll direct Nen to this thread so he can announce any schedule conflicts.

Had I seen that thread, it never would have died.

Exactly what do we need to do to persuade you? Are we talkin’ arm twisting or bribery? I’m fully capable of either.

Really it’s the dates. I am going to New York for a week in the end of August, and the first weekend in August is out. And it would involve either driving 4 hours there, then turning around and driving home, or spending the night at my ex-boyfriends, which I’m not too keen on. Mid September would be better for me, schedual-wise.

Mid-September works better for me too. Right now my August weekends are beginning to fill up. Rapidly.

Oh sure Tymp, tell everyone you’ll make a point of telling me and then leave me out!

Seriously, I’m gamey, er, um, I mean game. I’ve been thinking about a Connecticut Dopefest for quite some time now, but given the lack of members in the immediate area, I think Boston would be great alternative.

CalMeacham, ditto to what Tymp posted.

Ah, Tymp just narrowly saved his arse with an email. You are forgiven.

Hey Swimmy, if you want some real persuasion, I’ll do better than arm twisting and bribery (perhaps I should save that for the crush thread).

Well, it’s probably most sensible for those that are farthest away to pick a date. The rest of us shouldn’t have much trouble setting aside an evening.

Btw, Nen and I have space for one or two dopers driving up from the South. Dopers allergic to cats won’t want to stay at our place, though.

And, SwimmingRiddles, don’t be put off by Nen. His wife is fully capable and willing to tear off little pieces of his flesh should he begin annoying other women.

Tymp, aren’t you being a bit hasty in jumping to conclusions? “Annoying other women”?! I am truly hurt. Are you implying that my wiffle ball collection is other than completely enthralling?

Hmm. This might be a very small gathering.

I want to kick this up to the top again – I don’t want it to die this time, too.

I’m all up for any gathering, even if it’s small. But I might want to hold off until early Fall, too.

I think I can clear a spot in my social calendar.

Or am I too much of a newbie to sit at the cool table?

If everyone is more comfortable with the fall, how does Labor Day weekend sound?

*Originally posted by Robot Arm *
Or am I too much of a newbie to sit at the cool table?/QUOTE]

You can sit at the hot table with the rest of us.

So, who wants to suggest some places? I don’t spend a lot of time in Boston proper. The places I know are the really ritzy ones I only go to when my company is picking up the bill or little places out in Cambridge. Someone who actually lives there (waterj2, I’m looking in your direction) is, I’m sure, better suited to make suggestions.

Yes, it’s a bit early to plan such details, but I’m really just bumping this up to the top.

How about one of those wonderfully tacky places along Route 1 north of the city? I suggest these because: a.) they are easy to find; b.) they are wonderfully tacky and sleazy; c.) It’s close to my house.

From the Giant Orange Dinosaur and ex-Weylu’s Chinese Palace in Malden (where 99 meets 1) to the Ship/Christmas Tree Shop in Peabody, Route 1 is filled with architectural wonders, or eyesores, depending upon your point of view.

One of my favorites is the Full of Bull restaurant. If you haven’t eaten there, you should. The decor will keep you talking for hours. est of all, it’s cheap. Worst of all, I understand it is slated for removal, to be replaced by a —shudder – MacDonald’s.

There’s a great coffeehouse just off the Common called Curious Liquids. Or at least there was. Somebody told me it was closing and I haven’t been by it lately.