Boston Legal 10/24

Getting an early jump on this. The first five minutes are supposed to leave you breathless, so say the promos. We shall see.

bumpin’…for Denny Crane


Also, the Alan-whatshername scenes were a bit awkward.

Good episode, though. But, um, ewwwww!

Ew and ick.

Who was Brad in bed with? It didn’t look like Denise or Lane Bell’s character. Somebody new?

I wonder if we’ve seen the last of Scott and his mom.

He was in bed with the girl who kept leaving right after sex. Remember how he said that she used to always fall asleep afterwards and now she just jumps up and leaves.

“I think I have mad penis.” Vintage Denny

What a slut! :slight_smile: Why’d she fall asleep with Brad but not with Alan?

And why would any woman think Alan was “skanky”?

I liked how angry the new lawyer looked when his case wasn’t going well.

And yes this episode was disgusting. Was this the first incest episode on network television? Did Boston Legal make TV history?

Gotta love those balcony scenes though.

I caught the like the last two minutes of this show. My wife was just flipping channels, and I’m not a regular watcher, so please forgive my ignorance, but…what in the effing eff was up with the talkie doll in Shatner’s pants, and then the random dwarf right in front of his fly? Is there something I’m seriously missing here? Is this show about lawyers and other law-types, or did I misunderstand?

The talking doll is a doll of the reporter who had been covering the big case going on there. The reporter that Shatner had sex with. The dwarf is another lawyer that Shatner has been dating, so it’s been a running joke that he’d be talking about some other woman, and not notice that she had walked up.

It is a show about lawyers, but it’s not near as serious as most lawyer shows. They are all very good and I believe win almost all of their cases, but several of the characters are very eccentric, and Boston Legal can be very funny. It’s not a show I tape, but I do watch it when I’m home on Tuesday nights.

OK. My wife flipped to the channel, Shatner came on, I looked up, and the next thing I know he’s pulling a string out of his fly, which starts talking. Serious WTF moment if you have no idea what’s going on. Then came the dwarf. The look on my wife’s face was priceless.

Mum’s the word.

I need someone to please spoil this ep from start-to-finish for me, if they would be so kind…I had a mandatory company function last night, and couldn’t see it…and of course, forgot to tape it…

I’m sure this isn’t the first time; it has at least been implied on other shows from time to time, if not outright shown. This bit was quite horrific, though.
Loved the dwarf scene, the Gracie Jane inside Denny’s pants, and “the mad penis.”

Wow. Full-on incest too?

so I caught the “shocking” ending, but I missed the “shocking” first five minutes. was there something shocking at the beginning as the tv annoucer claimed, or was there not, as Denny had argued to the tv announcer in the promo?

No. I watched for the shock but didn’t see anything, unless they intended Denny’s “mad penis” as shocking.

And I just got the point, about Lane Bell leaving Alan immediately after sex but snoring with Brad. I’m not sure what it was supposed to prove. Maybe it was supposed to be funny, in a wry sort of way.