Boston Legal 11/17

Carl and Denny head to Virginia to work with a client.

That should be interesting.

They won the case, but they didn’t bond very well.

I thought that Cheri Oteri did not look like herself. Even though I saw her name in the initial credits, when she first came on, I was kind of going back and forth about whether it was actually here.

I was totally right about Bill Smitrovitch from “Life Goes on.” I only recognized the name.

Wow, that “White Shadow” guy just blew right up!

Anyway, I almost quit watching during the second have. I’ve enjoyed it and think it’s still fairly clever, but it just needs to be a half-hour show for me. I’m just not that into it! :wink:

I think that Boston Legal has gone on to become very preachy- while I enjoy it, the antics have become very repetitive, and seem to just be filler for the “life lessons” and politics that seem to be what lights the writers’ fires.

I do like the self referencing lines. e.g.: C’mon, it’s our last season/sweeps week/whatever. And it just cracked me up when Denny called Valerie Bertnelli’s character “Valerie.”

Why don’t Alan and Denny just consummate their manlove and get it over with? :stuck_out_tongue:

The clever self-referentials are what hooked me.