Boston Legal 11/3: Mad Cows

A cattle baron wants to take on the USDA. As to whether this is about feed, hormones, room to move, or something else…I don’t know yet.

That’s weird, we had that episode down here in Australia months ago and normally we’re behind you guys in getting new episodes.

That is of course assuming that (minor spoilers which clarifies the cause of action)

it’s the episode where the female cattle baron is suing the USDA about Genetically Modified cattle?

No, it’s the episode with the cattle rancher (played by Valerie Bertinelli)suing the USDA to be able to test all of her cattle for mad cow.

The final balcony scene is one of the best ever. Loved it! The writing and acting this year has been particularly good.

Re: Jerry’s rant at the board. Are they really going to have a spin-off?

Spin-off…Hmmm. I don’t know yet.

Loved the paintball scene. OW! OW! OW!

And Denny blaming Valerie for his erection. :smiley:

I missed the beginning of the episode. Was Bertinelli’s character’s name also Valerie or was Denny breaking the 4th wall when he called her that?

I thought Katie’s interview with the partners was great, even if Carl didn’t.

A lot of of 4th wall breaking… “spin off with Denny” “network” etc.
Loved the fact they played the"one day at a time" Theme the first time Valerie exited.

I get sick of the preachiness from time to time and the paintball scene at least elevated that one.

I can get over the obvious polemics when the other writing is so funny.

I don’t think the character’s name was Valerie. That’s why it was such a nice touch.