Boston Legal 9/22

It’s back! Alan works a case against a tobacky company but is distracted by a former flame.

I love this show and am so glad they decided to renew it…it came thisclose to being canceled.

Sure, more often than not it goes over the top - but it is charmingly oddball and the cast is good enough that they can sometimes pull off some pretty bizarre behavior and actually make you believe it.

I love this show, but in the past, I think it’s conflicted with something else I watch. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like it. I assumed it was one of the strongest shows on TV!

The scene of Denny and Alan dancing with parts of Shirley’s cheerleading outfit were a bit much, though funny.

I would have strangled Denny in court if I’d been Alan. That cell phone!!

It was nice to see Bethany again.

How is it that lawyer of Alan’s talents is so easily flustered by a piece of ex-tail in the courtroom?

I like that they are getting back to being more focused on Denny and alan, but Denny really needs to start shooting people again. :smiley:

From the opening credits, it seems as if they’ve trimmed down the cast considerably. At least if we’re talking regulars. Maybe they needed to cut back for budget reasons, but it doesn’t matter. Alan’s closing was brilliant and Spader delivered in… [del]spades[/del] as always.

Let’s hope Kelley keeps the politcal stuff out, in spite of election season. Being Swedish, I can attest that our conservative party is slightly left of DNC. My own politics when taking sides in the U.S. politics (not that it matters) is thus firmly in favor of the democrat candidate. Even so, when BL goes partisan, it’s boring.

I thought I’d set the Tivo last night but I didn’t. Who’s gone? Is Jerry still there? Clarence/Clarice? The British chick? I liked her.

That’s quite a ring tone. I did like the pep talk Denny gave Alan. One nice, sane moment in the middle of the rest of it.

It seems the answers are yes, no, and just the non-prostitute British chick, respectively.

I think there was a little too much overlap of “dysfunctional but talented and likable” between Jerry and Clarence, and they kept the more interesting of the two.

Also, I hate to say it, but I got a little bored listening to Alan’s closing argument. It felt a little too straight-forward – it really doesn’t take much to rail against the tobacco industry. It was also interesting that the tobacco defense attorney mentioned during closing arguments that they were probably at fault, since my layman’s understanding of civil law would lead me to believe that’s enough to rule against them. It’s not like a criminal case where they just need to show reasonable doubt.

This is their final season. I expect it to have some really over the top moments, and some really knife-edge commentary.

It was actually the only part that didn’t gel for me. He needed to bring his long (and somewhat obvious) diatribe into focus by relating it directly to the case at hand at the end. He started out with a brief, relevant depiction of a young boy unwittingly addicted to the substance that killed him. But then it just got ranty and generalized.

He did deliver it well though. As usual.