Boston Public Discussion Thread.

Well, I’ve been watching it for the past few weeks. I really like it. I’m wondering what all the rest of you think. So. . .tell me.

I’ve watched it since it came out, and personally I love the show. The only thing they need to do is cut down on the inter-hallway-passing-by discussions between teachers; they rely on that way too much.

I like it alot, although I never get to see it anymore since I usually work until 9:30 on Mondays. The first few episodes were a little sketchy, but it was starting to really hit a groove.

My favorite was when the dude died (not good with names, sorry) and they found in his journals stories about getting it on with the pretty blonde girl. And I love the dorky character whose always getting beat up; I just wanna give him a big hug. He’s just the sort of nerdy cutie I would have had a crush on in high school.

“Boston Public” is my Monday night indulgence. Unfortunately, my roommate thinks it’s completely cheesy (and she says it like that’s a bad thing!), so I haven’t seen the past couple of episodes. Anyone have ideas on how I can convince the roomie that watching Fox is a quality way to spend a Monday evening?

Well, tonight’s episode was a crossover with The Practice, which gives it a certain air.

I like the show a lot. I missed a few episodes leading up to tonight (I didn’t know that Buttle and the coach were fired because of Buttle’s affair).

I see, too, that they’re introducing some new teachers to replace the fired teachers. Who is the new English teacher? She came out of nowhere tonight with the “butt” comments.

Anyway, it’s a good show. I like it.

Whaat? I was gonna make the BP Discussion Thread. You beat me to it. Oh well.

I hate that new English teacher. That butt remark. Uncalled for.

I felt so bad when Kevin Reilley and Milton Buttle had to leave…Yes its cheesy but it was all so sad.

I’ve said it before, I don’t think the writers for that show ever went to high school. I think they heard about it on TV.

I’d give anything if my high school career were as exciting as one day on that show.

I know better than to expect TV shows to be realistic - I don’t want realism anyway… just a bit of mindless escapism. OTOH, it’d be nice if the writers could figure out the character of the individuals and write their dialogue accordingly. Chunks of last night’s conversations sounded like they were lifted right out of some bad advice column.

And trial or no trial, what were the principal and vice principal doing in the school at midnight?? PLEEEEEEASE!!

I’ll keep watching for a while, hoping everyone settles into reasonable personalities. I also want to see someone smack Lauren - what a whiny one she is!!

I have only seen bits and pieces, but saw most of last night’s show. This show does to high school what Ally McBeal does to lawyers. Let’s see, a high school where a teacher has sex with a 17 yr old student. He is reluctantly fired, but shouldn’t he be thrown in jail for sex with a minor?

And then the cheerleaders rub their breasts in a routine? You’re right, it is not realistic. What fun! I will have to watch it more.

I rather like the show but I think that the principal is a bit over-done - too TOUGH GUYish. I liked it when the attorney from The Practice (is that Catherine Manheim??) said, “You project really well; you don’t need to be in my face.” He does tend to get in everyone’s face which I find rather annoying.

Okay, the male brunette teacher who shot off a gun - I don’t like him. He’s tightlipped and annoying and I don’t like how he treats Lauren (that’s the girlfriend, right?). Sorry, bad with the names.

Speaking of Lauren, I don’t think she’s really that whiney. She’s a hottie and too good for her bf.

The guy who slept with the student…Milton Buttle. Could they have slated a more obvious nerdy dork with that name?! Seriously. Milton?! He’s either a nerd or he owns the patent on Ant Farms. As for Buttle…sheesh, why not slap him in a tux with tails and have him serve champagne? Sad, really. I have a hard time believing that he could ever get that close to a girl that hot. As for why no statutory rape charges…in some states, legal age is 16.

The butt remark by the new teacher was just stupid. I do, however, like that when she was approached about it, she had the balls to say, “I didn’t say the smart boys got the pretty girls…I said they get the girls with nice asses.”

The storyline with The Blob is pretty interesting but let’s face it - kids sure wouldn’t stop calling her The Blob because she asked nicely.

The chick who sticks stuff on the internet is pretty funny. But man, they do rely on that as a way of giving teachers the heads up.


The student was 18, not 17, years old. The judge, in his metaphor during the ruling, mentioned his seventeen year old daughter.

FWIW, I met a high school guidance counselor (for a private school in the Washington area) recently at a party, and he told me that the show isn’t that unreleastic.

I thought it was wrong of the judge to bring his “seventeen year old daughter” into this. Judges are supposed to be impartial, by god.

I’m starting to wonder what’s going to become of the Blob…er, Christine, now that Kevin Reilley’s out of the picture.

Also: Harry Senate (sp?) gets on my nerves too. He hs an annoying sense of humour. And probably would be fired if this was real life. (Or if it was my school anyway- that Dana Poole thing alone would have been enough.) Suicide club? Sending kids off to the morgue…

That episode with the gunman in the school. Very dramatic, but as much as I hate to admit it, I was really caught up in it. Hehehe…:o

I teach in a high school. It’s not a terribly realistic show–our teachers aren’t quite so “colorful” and our day is not quite so eventful–but who cares? It is very entertaining. Much of the show does reflect the day-to-day crap that teachers have to put up with (though, admittedly, my school isn’t an inner-city public high school like on the show).

The one (picky) thing I don’t like is at the beginning of each episode where they say, “Previously on Boston Public,” and then they proceed to show highlights of episodes from months and months ago. Shouldn’t they stick to the ones that are currently relevant? (Plus, I think they showed some episodes out of order, at least where I live, since I definitely saw some “previously shown” clips that weren’t, well, previously shown at all. They then ran them the next week.)

I THINK I’ve seen every episode, but I don’t remember anyone dying and having a journal about the pretty blonde. Did this refer to the pretty blonde teacher (Miss Davis) or the pretty blonde student (Dana Poole)? I liked the kid who kept getting beat up too; I was hoping he’d be more of a regular character, but he’s disappeared lately.

Lastly, why didn’t someone speak up when the lawyer in yesterday’s episode kept referring to Harry’s kissing Dana Poole? I thought she had kissed him–without permission–which is a different story, as he had no control over it. I could be wrong, though.

I do love Boston Public, and I hope it has a nice, long run on the air.

I find myself watching BP every Monday night and I too think the writers never spent a day in high school. My impression of the school is that it is a large city HS. If thats the case, the football coach and wrestling coach wouldn’t have been the same person, esp. if the football program is as big as it was made out to be in the first episode (or second, the one with the grade tampering). And a two-sport coach would barely have enough time to do the paperwork for the classes he/she taught, let alone be able to knock down beers at the end of most days at the local watering hole.

I know, I know: I’m nit-picking. But if they want the show to be as realistic as the ads make it out to be, then the writers should know what they’re talking about. Coaches at big prep programs care about one thing - their big prep programs.

Other than that one dumb hang-up I have, I love the show and hope it stays on for awhile. But I felt the same way about Class of 96 - remember it - and it got canceled quicker than you can say “Michael Richards Show.” Oh well.

Oh, I just remembered the episode about the dead guy! He was actually delusional and didn’t have any relationship with the student in question (not Dana Poole, if I recall).

I just love this show, I have only seen about the past 6 episodes, But I love it.

I love Mr. Senate, man if I had a teacher like that when I was in high school, he’s be the bomb. I just think he is great.

And the fact that Ally McBeal comes on right after it, is also superb.

I don’t know why, but i like this show.

Color me addicted – I’ve watched every episode. But there were two things I didn’t like about the latest one.

  1. That new teacher (and her sidekick). Where the heck did they come from?? It wasn’t like they had some kind of introductory plot or anything. They just materialized at the other table in the teacher’s lounge. If they wanna add new characters, they should do the work!

  2. The grilling of Guber in the hearing. We’d been asked to suspend disbelief that anyone could get away with all that crap in a high school since the beginning. Really, like a teacher could shoot off a gun and kiss a student and not get punished? I can accept suspending disbelief though. But then the character from The Practice waltzes in and expresses how crock-of-shitty this is (which is the truth of course). Well that just pissed me off. You’re either Law & Order or you’re Ally McBeal. You can’t be both.

Hey i have a question: it always says “Heavy D.” is guest starring. Who does he play? Big Boy? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, today’s was good. Felt bad for Scott Guber…he was played for a fool today. Milton was pretty snotty today. Though i’m sure he has reason to be mad. And speaking of him, Lisa Grier is essentially blackmailing Harry Senate? I liked her, but this blackmailing thing (how she wants him to stand up for her when teachers say she isn’t competent, in exchange for her silence on the Tyrone thing), it’s too Dana Poole. I liked Lisa, I really did, but she’s gone too far.

Oh I predicted that the thing with Annie and the coach- Tina. I was sort of thinking, it’d be weird if she was making it up. It makes sense- they can’t fire ANOTHER teacher. They’ve let go of two already.

Anyone else catch this one?


Another good one tonight.