Botched repairs: what should I do?

Ok, I don’t know if this should be in the Pit or not, but I’ll try to be nice. I got my Hitachi 17" mmonitor back today. To all of you who have big monitors, aren’t they great? Anyway, the color was going out on it a long time ago, and after living with it for a few months, we finally took it in for warranty repairs. That was in November. We got ran around by the repairman for quite some time, with the usual “I don’t have the paperwork” or “It’s in for repair”. Well, we went and got it today, and got a story about how it was at the shipping dock, and the top of the box w/ all of the paperwork got ripped off, and he had to ID it down at the warehouse. i.e., totally fabricated story. So we unpack it, and the frikin’ monitor screen is loose! We haven’t plugged it in yet for fear of making it even worse.
Now that you’ve read the background, I ask; what should I do? Report him to the Better Business Bureau? Any lawyers out there who wish to give me advice are especially welcomed. It is broken, so are there any laws that would apply? Thanks a million!

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Where did you have it repaired- did you have to ship it somewhere? It’s not uncommon for goods to be damaged in transit, but that doesn’t excuse the repair shop or shipping company. Ideally you should inspect the goods when picking them up at the shop. Since it’s still under warranty, it needs to go back so it can be repaired & reassembled properly. You can call or email the product vendor and express your concern over the possibly shabbiness of their product & the repair shop, and they may in turn get on the repair shop’s back about it.

If it’s still early in the warranty, then the monitor was a lemon right out of the box & should be exchanged for a new one.