Botticelli - June 2022

Starting the new month a few days early.

I am B

1. Do you have a cameo in Blazing Saddles (playing with your orchestra in the middle of the desert)?
2. Speaking of cameos in mid-70s movies, did you do one as a news reporter for the adaption of your novel, although it was ultimately cut?
3. Are you everyone’s favorite American Revolutionary War-era seamstress?


  1. Were you allowed only one bullet at a time, which you were required to keep in your shirt pocket until needed?
  2. In the earliest days of the Pogo comic strip, were you a little human boy who was a friend of Pogo?
  3. Did you write the poem My Last Duchess?

Not Count Basie
Not Peter Benchley?
Not Betsy Ross

Not Barney Fife
Take 2 DQs

A clean sweep!

1. Speaking of Blazing Saddles are you the musical director filming “The French Mistake” on another set?
2. Did you lead the Iceni in revolt against the Romans?
3. Have you “always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library”?

Correct on Barney.
#2 was Bumbazine.
#3 was Robert Browning.


  1. Real?
  2. Male?


  1. Did Kim Carnes have a hit with a song about you?
  2. Are you generally considered by historians to have been the worst POTUS we’ve ever had?
  3. Did you write a number of pop hits with Hal David?


  1. Fictional
  2. Female

Not Buddy Bizarre
Take 2 DQs

Not Bette Davis
Not James Buchanan
Not Burt Bacharach

2 was Boudicca; 3 was Jorge Luis Borges.

1. first name begins with B?
2. from a filmed dramatic work (i.e. movie, TV, etc.)?


  1. Fictional
  2. Female
  3. Last name begins with B
  4. From a filmed dramatic work (i.e. movie, TV, etc.)

Swept me.


  1. Did you marry Ruth in the Book of Ruth?
  2. Are you one of the legendary three kings who brought gifts to the infant Jesus?
  3. Have you played a master detective, a sorcerer supreme and an intergalactic terrorist?

1. Did you play one of the titular pornographers in Zack and Miri Make a Porno?
2. Did you play defense for the Boston Bruins, and often turn up in crossword puzzles given your short last name?
3. Did you create Scrabble?

Not Balthazar
Not Benedict Cumberbatch

Not Elizabeth Banks
2 DQs

2 was Bobby Orr; 3 was Alfred Mosher Butts.

1. created by American(s)?
2. first appeared after 1970?


  1. Fictional
  2. Female
  3. Last name begins with B
  4. From a filmed dramatic work (i.e. movie, TV, etc.)
  5. Not created by American(s)
  6. First appeared after 1970

1. Were you Arthur Conan Doyle’s mentor?
2. Are you a comic book writer known for Ultimate Spider-man, Powers, and your lengthy, back-and-forth repetitive dialogue?
3. “I see her old movies on TV
And they are always a thrill for me
My Daddy says I can be just like her
Well, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish I were…”
Would the person singing this (the bridge of your movie’s title song) probably change her mind once she learned what happened to you?

Last month’s game thread: Botticelli - May 2022

B it is.


Did you try to help his doctors after President James A. Garfield was shot?
Did you play a souvenir salesman on an episode of Friends?
Were you a Governor of Ohio during the Civil War?

3 DQs each for both of you

1 was Dr. Joseph Bell; 2 was Brian Michael Bendis; 3 was Baby Jane.

1. main character?
2. created by Europeans?
3. from film?