Botticelli March 2016

Starting thread for new month.
New letter is D


  1. Are your children named Alexander and Cookie?
  2. Are you aka Barry Hansen?
  3. Do you have a horse named Horse?
  1. Was your codename based on being the fourth successor to someone, and did you fight Pulsar Stargrave who was later revealed be the originator of that codename in disguise?
  2. Were you the real name of the adopted son/clone/heir apparent(and probably some other retcons I’m missing) of the entity who would become Pulsar Stargrave?
  3. Were you the real name of the son of #2?

not Dagwood Bumstead, 2 DQs

Correct on the sandwich maker. #2 is Dr. Demento. #3 is Dudley Do-Right.


  1. Real?
  2. Male?

I have a feeling the Prof would know all these, but I don’t. Take 3 DQs.


  1. Did you write Nicholas Nickleby?
  2. Did you have a hit with May The Bird Of Paradise (Fly Up Your Nose)?
  3. Were you one of the two title characters in the sitcom I’m …, He’s Fenster?

DQ Roundup

  1. Real
  2. Male

Sigh… take 3 DQs

#1 was Charles Dickens.
#2 was Little Jimmy Dickens.
#3 was (Harry) Dickens.

[psst. Does the name “Brainiac” strike a familiar chord?]


  1. Last name starts with D?
  2. Known for the arts?
  3. American?

I knew Pulsar was from LSH, but only because a friend used that name in a D&D campaign and I asked him where he got it from.

DQ Roundup

  1. Real
  2. Male
  3. First name starts with D
  4. Known for the arts
  5. American

That’s the beauty of it, they’re all perfectly acceptable questions that way… as Prof alluded to, Pulsar Stargrave was an LSH opponent later revealed to be the original Brainiac.

They were Querl Dox (aka Brainiac 5), Vril Dox(aka but less well known as Brainiac 2, depending on retcon status his name may be Vril Dox II), and Lyrl Dox (I think there was another son in the silver age who was mentioned as Brainiac 3 whose name I don’t recall)

DQ1: Alive?
DQ2: Known for the performing arts?

holding 1 DQ.

IQ1: Were you originally known as Boston Brand?
IQ2: Were you the alter ego of Slade Wilson?
IQ3: Were you the alter ego of Wade Wilson, and totally not a ripoff of IQ2, wink wink, nudge nudge?


  1. Did you team up as a comedy duo with Peter Cook?
  2. Did you have a hit with Calypso?
  3. Are you aka Danny Dunbar?

DQ Roundup

  1. Real
  2. Male
  3. First name starts with D
  4. Known for the arts
  5. American
  6. Alive
  7. Known for the performing arts

not Deadman, not Deathstroke, not Deadpool

The alleged ripoff made a mint, and the supposed original is a guest role on a TV series. I’d say the ripoff somehow improved the supposed original.

3 DQs - The only artist I remember singing Calypso was Harry Belafonte.

IQ1: Did the Colour-Sergeant discuss your imminent demise with Files-on-Parade?
IQ2: Were you a WWII jarhead DI who later became famous as star of a sitcom?
IQ3: Were you a USAAF P-40 pilot who was credited with two kills, and later became co-host of a comedy show?

The Prof’s #2, by the by, is the person I was planning to use for my first IQ. :frowning:

Correct on all three. I certainly wouldn’t disagree with you about the relative success of the characters, though that of course doesn’t make the concept not ripped off.

IQ1: Were you an insult comic who famously insulted Frank Sinatra to his face, and thus became one of Sinatra’s favorites?
IQ2: Did you play a cop with Philip Micheal Thomas?
IQ3: Did you host a reality TV show in which the top prize was a job?