Botticelli - Sept. 2021

Model sounds very good, but I’m not coming up with any that fit.

No, definitely not this guy: Walter Model - Wikipedia

Are you Robin Givens?

I am not.

Time’s up. I am, in fact,

Amanda Gorman

The young poet and activist, who made a splash with her reading of “The Hill We Climb” during the Presidential Inauguration earlier this year: Amanda Gorman - Wikipedia

Ah! Good one! Yes, I watched her at Biden’s inauguration. I would think she’s best known for being a writer, but, hey…

Oh, yeah, I remember her. She got shoved into the memory hole unfortunately quickly by all the Bernie’s mittens memes. Good choice for a stumper.

Thanks. Next let’s go with


as in indigo.


  1. Did you create Amazo and Tomorrow Woman?
  2. Did a dog arrest you for throwing bricks at a cat?
  3. Were you Prometheus’s dad?

IQ1: Do you have a lust for life and now wanna be [my] dog?
IQ2: Did you write A Doll’s House?
IQ3: Did you go by your dog’s name instead of your birth name Henry?

Dunno, dunno and not Iapetus.

Not Iggy Pop, Ibsen or Dr. Henry “Indiana” Jones Jr.


  1. Did you co-found Beats?
  2. Are you best known for presiding over a famous 1995 trial?
  3. Did you say “I wanna live 'til I die, no more, no less”?

Swept me.

IQ1: “Hello. My name is [you]. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”
IQ2: Were you one of the founders of the Jesuit order?
IQ3: Are you a psychotic blue cartoon mouse that torments a cat in extremely violent ways?

#1 was Prof. Ivo.
#2 was Ignatz Mouse (who threw bricks at Krazy Kat).
Correct on Iapetus.


  1. Real?
  2. Male?


  1. In Marvel Comics are you aka Bobby Drake?
  2. Did you battle Abdul Abulbul Ameer?
  3. Did you write the play The Bald Soprano?

Dunno, not Judge Lance Ito and dunno.

Not Inigo Montoya, Ignatius Loyola or Itchy (or Ignatz).

Dunno, dunno and not Ibsen.


  1. fictional
  2. female

#1 is Iceman.
#2 was Ivan Petrovsky Skidar. (Or some variant spelling)
#3 was Eugene Ionesco.


  1. Last name starts with I?
  2. From film or TV?
  3. Protagonist?
  1. Are you one of Barbara Mandrell’s sisters?
  2. Were you a male child actor probably best known for 1975’s Escape to Witch Mountain?
  3. Were you an actress best known for playing Granny on The Beverly Hillbillies?

Another sweep! (It was Itchy)

IQ1: Are you a friend of Kurosawa’s famous for directing many kaiju films?
IQ2: Are you the goddess of the rainbow?
IQ3: Are you a doctor’s assistant who enjoys a good roll in the hay?

Jimmy Iovine, yes, Eddie Izzard

Holding two DQs