Bow Before My New Feline Overlord!

After losing Honey just before Christmas, I felt lost. Especially just after having to surrender Widget and her Kittens to the animal welfare league. I felt guilt. I missed having a kitteh, and felt like I needed to make it up after having to give Widget and her babies away.

So this Saturday, I went to the AWL and had a look around. There were some cute kittehs, but none that I loved and felt confident that hubby would love.

Until I found Wesker.

The shelter details said he’s 16 weeks old. He was in a cage with 3 others, but given the serial numbers they all had it appears he came in a week or two after and so wasn’t part of their litter. And yes, that’s our fireplace he’s lying in. The brick keeps it cooler than the carpeted floor.

He’s got massive paws and not just because of that perspective. Both the ears and the paws seem much to big for his body, so I think he’s going to be a big boy. He likes to play with his “feather on a string” and looves the catnip baggie I got him today. He also likes feet.

And you can’t see it here but he’s got a beautiful plume-y tail, all black. His fur’s so soft and silky. And he’s smarter than he looks. It only took 2 squirts from the bottle to stop him trying to eat out of hubby’s dinner bowl. But he’s not quite in control of all of his limbs yet. He goes to jump for something and often overshoots. And if he wants affection, he shows it by lunging for your face and headbutting you in the chin.

He loves to be cuddled and held, but also likes to just flake out in the fireplace and chill. Hubby fell in love instantly, and so did I.

Though if he’s anything like his namesake, I would not be surprised to find him already plotting our ultimate demise :slight_smile:


Congratulations! I have a soft spot for black and white kitties so I find him even more adorable!

And I have a new feline scrap in the household as well…watching them before they become remotely graceful (overshooting their targets, falling off chairs, tables, sofas, etc.) is true comedy.

Give him an extra squeeze for me!!

Black and white kitteh! SQUEEEEEEEE!

He sure is a handsome fellow!


He looks like a very laid back dude.

Mmmmmm, love kitties, must go hug kitties now.

Awwwwwww! What a cute baby! I hope he knows how lucky he is!

Hehe. Appearances can be deceiving. He looks all laid-back and stuff, but that’s mainly because of the heat, I think.

He’s got buckets of energy when it cools down a bit. I think he’s going to be a trouble maker :smiley: He already likes playing “Let’s walk on the keyboard” and “I bet I can eat your ponytailfgvt” [Editor: Thank you for that contribution, Wesker!]

I feel a bit bad leaving him alone, because hubby and I both work. He cries a bit when I first leave the house, but seems to calm down after a short while. We’ve got him lots of toys & leave kibble and lots of water for him, so hopefully he’ll be fine on his own most times. I give him many loves when I get home, and we spend time playing with him in the evenings when it’s cooler, so I’m hoping once he’s settled a bit more he’ll sleep during the hot part of the days when we’re at work and look forward to dinner time when we get home & can play.

Right now, despite the heat, he’s curled up on my lap purring his furry little butt off. Even though today’s mad stressful, it feels good to have a fuzz-monster again.

Separated at birth? Badger.