Bowing Down To Mammon

Truth is indeed Stranger than fiction.

I’d just like them to remove the pretence and worship Santa. Pray to a reindeer!

More than enough to know I’m better off wishing on a falling star (though those wishes tend to be granted ala the monkey’s paw). :wink:

I’m reminded of the Christians a while back whogathered at gas stationsto pray for lower prices. Because, you know, the all powerful Creator of the Universe really cares about hydrocarbon prices.

It is fitting worship, it is the Bull from who’s Abundant Orifice flows the *manna *of televangelists, lawyers, financial consultants and salesmen.

Brace yourselves for a new futures market commodity - your souls


This picture seems appropriate for some reason.

Giant balls and no asshole. Some sort of symbolism, there…

Somebody has fun with the pic.

I understand what they’re doing & I’m all for what they intend to do.

But still- really unfortunate symbolism.

Also, PZ Myers is usually a total butthole, but I gotta give him credit for spotting this one.