Bowing Down To Mammon

If not for the modern dress, the picture accompanying the article could be a scene from a remake of The Ten Commandments.

Goddamn. I can only laugh, I guess. This backwards, absurd, illogical superstition dominates our country. I haven’t religion-bashed in a long time but fuck . . . Morons.

They are praying to the golden bull, but through it.

Personally, I don’t think that God cares if I live in a mansion or in a shack - that’s not important to the state of my soul.

But, for Pete’s sake, Christians - just once, will some of you stop and look at yourselves from an non-believer’s POV?


…a golden calf.

Golden bull as intercessor?

Christians you say? Must not be familiar with the Bible.

“… but Bible readin’ is hard!”

You just have to love people who make a mocking parody of themselves so that we don’t have to.

I was about to offer a bet that this was just a silly internet rumor, since it seemed to be plastered all over the secular/progressive sites in a spirit of great mockularity. Classic satirical fake, thunk I. This is right up there with the Landover Baptist Church.

But I saved myself some money by wandering over to the Christian Broadcasting Network site, and folks, unless some devious-minded irreligionist has hacked them, this event was for real:

:confused:Lion’s Market”? Is this a Narnia reference, or is there some evangelical tradition of zoomorphizing the Christian God as a lion that I’m not familiar with?

To be fair, they are praying at the site of the bull, rather than to it. And that there’s a golden bull there seems to be incidental. It’s just a really, really unfortunate connection.

They look to be laying hands on the bull whilst praying though.

Well, not quite: the event’s organizer seems to have explicitly specified that they should meet and pray at the site of the bull statue.

Yes, I agree that the unfortunate resemblance to the golden calf in Exodus was surely not what they meant to evoke, but I’m really astounded that it didn’t seem to dawn on anybody that public prayer event + statue of bovine livestock = very negative connotations.

One of the titles of Jesus is “Lion of the Tribe of Judah”. I would imagine it references that.

I saw this shortly before I left work. I work only a few blocks from the bull; I knew I should have checked it out on the way home. Damn.

There hasn’t been a bull worth bowing down to since Michael Jordan retired.

Wally Tango Foxtrot?

Don’t -


Oh, for the love of little green monkeys. I want to laugh at this, but I’m so stressed, it’s just not working. sigh

I think most of us, believer and nonbeliever in conventional religion alike, can agree that this sort of ritual evocation of the Money Fairy is indeed backwards, absurd, illogical superstition.

Basically, it’s treating God like a genie from an Arabian Nights story.

“Get your money changed! Right here in the temple!”

“Spirit binding” is the correct term, I believe. Never made much sense to me.

I couldn’t tell you whether it’s the right term or not.

But it’s distressingly common. Just how many of those “Send this prayer on to six people within ten minutes and your prayer will come true!” emails have you gotten?