Bowling Team Name Suggestions

I have to come up with a team name for my department. We’re a Corporate finance / Treasury group. We’re bowling against 3 teams: Accounting, Tax and Reporting.

Contest is tonight. Any help with a funny/clever name would be appreciated.


“Bowling From Dollars”

Tangible Assets? Fort Knocks?

I’m not really sure about the difference between Corporate finance / Treasury and Accounting, Tax, or Reporting. I suspect there might be a pun that speaks to the difference, if only I knew more.

Is there a form associated with your department that drives the other departments nuts?

I could care less about Accounting or Reporting but please, for all of us here, kick Tax in the ass.
Pyramid Scheme
Ponzi Pins

I just thought of one, although I’ll replace it if a better suggestion is made:

The T-Bowls (play on T-bills, the safest investment)

Good one. I’ll run that one by my department.

Bowling A Loan!

The Pin Numbers

Muggers In The Alley

The Stock Splits