Funny names for a bowling team.

I’m staring in a league tonight, and we’ll have to have a name for our little 3 person team. Every year we try to come up with something good, but this year I figured I’d ask here and see what comes up. Any suggestion is fine, this isn’t a serious league full of pollyanna’s so bring em on.

The Goat Felchers

I always liked Off A Goat.

That way, when you lose, the other team will say they beat off a goat.

A name that’s only funny when you lose? That’s puffin talk!

Imagine the other team’s embarassment when they have to admit they lost to testicles.

The Fingerholes. Sounds rude, but isn’t.

Or, if you want to irritate the announcer, something like “Rollin’” Roland Bolan’s Berlin Bowlin’ Boys.

Great Balls of Fire

The Straight Dopers

Hi Opal

<deadpan> That was going to be mine. </deadpan>

Some ideas from a previous thread

How’s about…

Whip Me, Beat Me, Make Me Write Bad Checks

Our team just settled on “Unusual Split” for the second year running. Not a name we strive to live up to, but…

The Guttersnipes, for that Dickensian flavour.


The Team Formerly Known As Prince.

Your Mom Loves our Bowling Team.

The ChickenSplit Bastards.

All I can think of is stuff like the Alley Cats.

My mom’s old bowling team was called The Dipshits.

I was scandalized, as a 12-year-old, when I found her bowling shirt. :eek: Now I think it’s awesome.

With Themselves

Balls of Fury

Great Balls of Fire


The AssHats :smiley: (my personal favorite)


Jiggle the Handle
Sorry About Your Daughter
Stagger Stagger Crawl

(admittedly, all better band names, but hey, who’s counting?)

The Elgin, Illinois Bowling Team of Anaheim

The Threat of Trephanation