Me and my son went bowling last week.
We went about a year and a half ago for the first time.
This time, we didn’t have those bumpers.
Yet my son got one strike and 57 points.
I got 119.
What is consdiered a good score?
I am proud of him. Those balls are heavy, and he is only 53 lbs!

Hey, those aren’t bad scores for first-timers! The national average for once a week league bowlers is about 140 for women and 150 for men. I don’t know about kids, but I would guess around 100. If you’re interested, get some lessons. It makes it a lot more fun. League bowling is fun, too! There are leagues that are mixed for adult/kid teams. Check into one of these for the summer. Our whole family bowls, and we enjoy it a lot.

My boyfriend got a 300 game a few times, and he thinks he has done horrible when he only scores a 180. My usual score is around 100. But I suck.

Hey not bad for either one of you to bowl the scores you did. When I first started out I barely bowled 80 a game now I average about 160 or so whenever I make it out to bowl and that is rare. Damn college classes taking up way too much of my time. I could be doing more important things like sleeping and bowling.